"Operation Leper" nominee

RedState’s effort to identify the quislings who are out to destroy Sarah Palin is gaining steam, and it’s starting to splatter on people too close to the Destroy Palin effort.

The Boston Herald on Saturday carried a story entitled “Mitt Romney: ‘I’m No Backstabber.'” While there’s some suspicion of Romney, and some of us believe he’s not above preemptively sliming a likely opponent for the 2012 nomination, the article does provide incriminating evidence that former Romney spokesman, Kevin Madden, was actively undermining Palin, and by extension the McCain campaign, prior to the election. To quote the Herald article —

Romney’s former campaign spokesman Kevin Madden was among the ex-Romney staffers to bash Palin. In an interview on CNN just a week before the election, Madden called Palin “unseasoned” and questioned whether she should have been McCain’s pick.

“When you put out an unknown and you give them 70 days with which to go through a vetting process, both by voters and the national press corps, ugly things can tend to happen,” Madden said.

A week before the election! And on CNN, no less! Ordinarily, I don’t wish bad fortune on people, but this Madden guy is overdue for a forced career change.

Speaking of “ugly,” Madden, you need to keep your face out of Republican politics.

In addition to trying to ferret-out the mudslingers trying to splatter Sarah Palin post-election, RedState needs to expand its list-making to pre-election statements like this one from Kevin Madden.