Hey Barry O., how's the war on Fox News working out for you?

Apparently, Anita Dunn’s declaration of war on Fox News on behalf of the Administration has resulted in a 9% jump in overall ratings, and a 14% jump in the 25-54 age group . I’m sure this is EXACTLY what they had in mind.  Hey Barry, let me give you a few pieces of advice:

1. Anita Dunn is not helping.  Neither her Fox News bashing nor the old footage of her admiration of Mao (oh, right, she was being sarcastic…) is the public face that any Administration would want, and specifically not one that has been tagged in certain circles with words like “radical” and “socialist”.

2. Listen to Lamar Alexander – enemies list = badness.  He should know; remember he saw the Nixon Administration from within.

3. Some philosophy for you and your team to ponder: You work for us.  Even those of us who didn’t vote for you.  Your ridiculous spending which is being financed by a) our taxes, b) our domestic savings which could be investing in growing private sector businesses/employers but instead is diverted to government spending via bond purchases, c) our dollars being devalued by Quantitative Easing, and d) our national security as you sell bonds to our dear friends like China.  Basically, We the People (you know, the first three words from that document you call “imperfect”) are your bosses and it would behoove you to be nice to us, because we can add you and your cohorts (I’m was going to call them comrades, but…) to the ranks of the unemployed in due time.

By the way, hiring Anita Dunn’s husband as White House Counsel might give the impression that you support her “efforts”, so you may want to reconsider that as well.

Just some stuff to think about.