I denonuce myself!

In keeping with the Obama Administration’s request to inform on friends and family who commit Thoughtcrime get out the facts about Obamacare, I believe the following email is in order:

To: [email protected]

Dear Big Brother Mr. President:

I would like to denounce myself as I have committed Thoughtcrime in the form of “fishy” information about your utter destruction reform of the healthcare system, which is at present the envy of the world profoundly unfair to the Proletariat.  Specifically, I have said and written that your abomination reforms would:

– Result in people losing the right to choose their own doctors.

– Require patients to wait for needed medical care while bureaucrats assessed individual cases.

– Erode confidence in the system of medical care as it would be run by a government that can’t even get mail delivery right.

– Cost jobs through higher taxes on businesses, especially small businesses which need to keep costs down to compete (oops, competition is a Thoughtcrime too…)

– Provide the end result of a “single payer system”, as advocated by Leading Party Member Barney Frank, which will end up with medical care having a higher cost and much lower quality.

I profusely apologize to Big Brother President Obama, The Party, and The Proletariat for my Thoughtcrime.  I will report to re-education a DNC sponsored pro-Obama rally immediately.