ProTip: Don't Tweet The N-Word...Ever

There are just some things you don’t do; one of them is tweeting out the N-word.   In fact, if you want a career in almost anything, tweeting obscene material is just asinine.  Well, for Democrat Kevin Strouse, he learned that one of his staffers actually did all of those things.  In his battle to unseat incumbent Republican Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick, this is an embarrassing distraction.

Meet Deirdre French, a staffer with the Strouse campaign, who wrote a blog post on why Pennsylvania’s 8th congressional district (Bucks County) needs Kevin Strouse:

Growing up in Bristol, I’ve become more and more disappointed in Congressman Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick and many of his colleagues in this dysfunctional Republican Congress spend their time giving tax breaks and preferential treatment to big oil companies and big banks while small businesses in the district suffer. Nonetheless, there is an alternative. Kevin Strouse is a battle-tested leader who will fight for our small businesses so that we can create and maintain good jobs here in the district. That’s the kind of representation that we deserve.

Congressman Fitzpatrick has turned his back on people like me in Bucks County. In Mike Fitzpatrick’s world, he and his Tea Party allies would slash billions of dollars in funding for Pell Grants – funding that is critical to young people like me being able to afford college (I’m using them to help pay my tuition at Temple). Bucks deserves better than an entrenched Washington politician who only votes in his self-interest. Enough is enough – we deserve a representative who will make college affordable for anyone who’s willing to work hard. Bucks deserves someone like Kevin Strouse.

According to the Daily Caller, this post was blasted out in a fundraising email earlier this week, but not after finding out out Ms. French’s past tweets.  The Caller redacted her tweets by blacking out her name, but Diedre’s post is featured prominently in the homepage carousel of Strouse’s campaign website.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 6.49.11 PM

Here’s what she said:

Via DC:

For those keeping score, that’s one racial slur, one anti-Mormon remark, one oddly race-tinged comment on lesbian couples and a rape joke. How would a Republican staffer with such a rap sheet be treated?

“The campaign strongly condemns the content of the staffer’s tweets and the staffer has taken them down at the request of the campaign,” Strouse campaign manager Brendan McPhillips told TheDC. He noted that while the most insensitive tweet “cited the title of a song by John Lennon . . . the history and context of one of the words included in that title evokes strong emotions and it was insensitive and inappropriate to use.”

He added that the staffer had “learned that lesson” and that the offensive tweets had been removed from her Twitter account.

Political operatives in Washington, D.C. were stumped by the Strouse campaign’s failure to catch the offending tweets — an ironic oversight for a candidate who used to work for the CIA.

Although, she has some supporters:

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 4.25.33 PM[1]

The NRCC’s Andrew Clark reiterated the apparent lack a accountability in a statement to Redstate.

“It’s unbelievable that a House campaign would put a staffer’s name on a fundraising email without even bothering to check what someone might find on Twitter if they searched for her,” Andrew Clark, the NRCC’s digital press secretary, said in an email to RedState. “While Republicans get held to a higher standard, Democrats aren’t doing their due diligence. It says a lot about how tone deaf Strouse’s campaign really is.”

Deirdre’s tweets are now protected.