Gov. Christie, It's Time To Change Parties

Yes, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie may be cruising his way to re-election, but he’s also becoming our biggest threat for 2016.  With the shutdown over, the Republican establishment is emboldened given their victory over the conservative wing of the party.  That’s us, folks.  Undoubtedly, moderates will be recruiting Christie, who is polling best in a hypothetical duel with Hillary Clinton, for 2016.  We’ll also get the usual “unelectable” lecture from them as well concerning Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.  Then again, will the grassroots back Christie? No.  In fact, one could ask – albeit facetiously – when the governor is going to switch parties due to his rather unimpressive record.

Now, for a Northeastern Republican, Christie didn’t start off that bad. He campaigned for property tax reform in 2010.  Full disclosure:  I was interning for his office at the time.  Additionally, he was taking a baseball bat to the unions in the state; something that hasn’t been effectively done – ever.  He also got pension reform working Democrats.

Now, it’s clearer concerning his true political disposition.  He’s a liberal who doesn’t like high taxes.  That’s not conservative.  It just means he’s not pro-tax.  Additionally, your economic bona fides aren’t served well when your state is considered one of the worst for business.  Oh, What about those property taxes? Well, they rose by 13 percent.

With Second Amendment issues becoming front and center over the past year, Christie is pro-gun control; a position unpalatable to the conservative base.  Concerning climate change, the governor decided to buy the myth about the apocalyptic effects of so-called global warming, despite the fact that global temperatures have remainedstagnant for the past sixteen years.  The Arctic ice shelf grew by920,000 square mile last year – and we’ve gained 19,000 Manhattans of sea ice.  Lastly, if so-called global warming is responsible for wild weather, then why is it that 2012 was the quietesttornado season in sixty years?

The final nail in the coffin relates to immigration.  He’s gone on the record to say that being here illegally isn’t a crime.  Furthermore, he wants illegal aliens to have access to in-state tuition for higher education.  Admittedly, I’m a little bit of a squish on immigration, but both statements are ridiculous.  Christie was originally opposed the federal Dream Act.

So, for 2016, Republicans will have a pro-gun control candidate, with an unimpressive economic record, who supports giving illegal aliens in-state tuition.  Yeah, conservatives will – and should – be shopping for someone else. It may be time for Christie to switch parties. If he does beat Hillary, it’ll be in the 2016 Democratic primaries.

There’s simply no room for Chris Christie in the GOP – and we don’t want him!

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