Paul Krugman Says 'Almost All' Obamacare News 'Has Been Good'

Yesterday, on ABC’s “This Week,” economist Paul Krugman said something astonishing about the new health care law.

Krugman claimed that “almost all” of the news about Obamacare “has been good”:

[I]t happens, in fact, to be a very good law.  You see, one of the things I think is going on here is – just the failure on the part of the Republican caucus to actually understand anything about this thing.  They haven’t done the policy.  They understood – in fact, almost all of the substantive news over the last couple of months has been good.

“The premiums are coming in well below expectation. Health care costs are moderating. Probably, there will be some technical glitches with the computer systems, but those are not fundamental. So, actually, people who support this law are looking forward – they’re actually almost cheering at the preliminary results.”

So, who has Krugman been reading to come to this conclusion? A quick review of headlines from major publications – some of them pretty darn “progressive” – suggests there’s plenty of bad news out there, ranging from higher costs to less accessible health care – even from the New York Times, where Krugman is a columnist:

New York Times:

Washington Post:



The Hill:


Wall Street Journal:

National Review Online:

Investors Business Daily:

Real Clear Politic:


NYT/CBS News Poll:


USA Today:

The Star-Ledger:

Concerning lower premiums, is it good news that Americans have to give up access to health care in exchange for them?  Also, how is it that a massive data hub vulnerable to hacking, and software that can’t accurately gauge whether or not you’re eligible for Obamacare subsides, are not “fundamental” problems?


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