Total Recall: Two Anti-Gun Colorado Legislators Booted, Huge Victory For Gun Rights

In the aftermath of Sandy Hook, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper decided that it was time to curtail his residents’ right to exercise  their Second Amendment rights.  He had some political cover.  At the time, polls showed that Americans foolishly favored stricter gun laws.  However, the charade was over by March of 2013.  As a result, the country returned to normalcy on the issue, with only 44% supporting more gun control.  By May, 62% wanted Congress to drop the issue.

Nevertheless, Hickenlooper passed laws that expanded background checks and limited the size of magazines.  Two laws that were wholly unnecessary, and brewed anger amongst Colorado residents. That anger spurred grassroots action, with conservatives  targeting State Senate President John Morse and Sen. Angela Giron in recall elections.

In the end, they were successful.  Last night, Morse was recalled by a 51%-49% margin, and Giron went down 56% to 43.9%.

As the Washington Times’Emily Miller noted, this recall election pointed out two things.  First, Mayor Michael Bloomberg needs to dissolve his anti-gun group since it’s painfully clear that they can’t deliver the goods.

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Second, it shows once again that the Second Amendment is a high-intensity issue.  In almost every case, gun rights supporters show up and vote, while the effete legions of the pro-gun control crowd don’t even bother to make an appearance.

When will Democrats learn that America isn’t pro-gun control?  When will they learn that Americans love their firearms? On this issue, we’re right – and they’re wrong.  Period.

The political debate over this issue has come to an end.  Liberals had their best shot to chip away at gun rights.  They had the wind to their backs – and twenty dead schoolchildren to exploit – and they couldn’t breakdown the ties Americans have with their guns.  The gun is – and will forever be – an integral part of American culture. It’s time liberals begin to accept their defeat.  Moreover, they should be embarrassed given the totality of their failure.

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