Yes, Alison Grimes Is An Empty Dress – With A Nice Disposition

Gasp!  Brad Dayspring, Director of Communications for the National Republican Senatorial Committee, said something sexist.  He called Alison Grimes, the Democratic candidate running against Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell, an “empty dress.”  Why? Well, she’s prevaricated – or stumbled – on key issues concerning Obamacare and Syria.  Regardless, Dayspring got liberals foaming at the mouth over this statement, but are they really defending Grimes or hurting her?

It’s actually the latter.  This isn’t a “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” moment, folks.  If you do a simple Twitter search, you’ll see that the usual suspects, like the DSCC,DNC,Think Progress,HuffPo, and TPM, are having conniption fits over this.  Yet, no one is actually refuting that she isn’t an empty dress, so in effect, liberals are promoting the fact that Grimes is a moron.  Additionally, folks at the DSCC have proven themselves to be incredibly thin-skinned.  They call this relatively tame criticism a “dirty” tactic.

Here’s a rapid response email they blasted out.

Friend — Mitch McConnell’s campaign just crossed the line:

A top Republican operative reporting to McConnell just launched an offensive, sexist attack against Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes, calling her an “empty dress” who is “incapable of articulating her own thoughts.”  He also accused her of babbling incoherently and claimed she acts “as though she’s a freshman in high school struggling to remember the CliffsNotes after forgetting to read her homework assignment.”

Why are Republicans resorting to these dirty tactics? It’s because McConnell is losing to Grimes in two consecutive polls. This is one of the only times that McConnell has EVER trailed a Democrat. But we can’t let his allies’ misogynistic attacks help him take back the lead. Will you help us respond here and across the country?

Please pitch in $3 to the Beat Mitch Campaign to defeat Mitch McConnell and vulnerable Republicans.

Thanks for your support,
DSCC Rapid Response

So, when we call men in politics empty suits, is that sexist?  Democrats hurled that one at Josh Mandel, the Republican who ran against Sen. Sherrod Brown, in Ohio.  Moreover, does anyone remember HuffPo’s Susie Hoeller writing that Sarah Palin was a “demagogue in a skirt” back in 2008?  Democrats’ lack of self-awarness continues to entertain me, but back to Grimes.
She either babbles incoherently or says things that are coherent, but incredibly stupid.  For example, would you go to a state fair to solicit the support of Kentuckians by calling them fat?

The president and I disagree on a lot of things,” she said in an August interview with HuffPost’s Howard Fineman. “Sen. McConnell will use the same tactics that the GOP has used in other red states, and try to claim that I was a cheerleader for President Obama.

“Well, I am as much a cheerleader for President Obama as Sen. McConnell is a Chippendale dancer.”

Yeah, this coming from the person who proudly put up the president’s name for the Democratic nomination at 2012 convention.  This attack was relatively light, and the fact that liberals are trying to use it to prostitute women for their votes is sexist and misogynist.  Alison Grimes maybe likable, but that’s not a reason why someone should be sent to Washington.
*This post has been updated

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