Live Action Slams Media For Flinching 'From The Reality Of Abortion For Decades'

On August 8, Live Action, a pro-life organization, launched another initiative: calling out the media on their bias in covering abortion in America.  After garnering attention for their thorough Inhuman investigative videos into America’s late-term abortion industry, Live Action has turned their attention to ABC, NBC, and CBS – the “big three” – and demand that they stop censoring the news on life issues.

“The media has flinched from the reality of abortion for decades,” said Live Action President, Lila Rose, “we call on the press to end the censorship of what abortion actually does to our smallest children and women as well as an end to the lionizing of abortion advocates.”

The list of speakers at the rally, which drew between 130-150 people, included the Media Research Center’s Christian Robey, Lila Rose, Charmaine Yoest of Americans United for Life, Ryan Bomberger of the Radiance Foundation, and pro-life activist Jill Stanek.

Rose has said repeatedly  that abortion is “most important human rights abuse of our day.” Rose cited the lack of coverage the issue receives, saying, “Part of the desire to not cover it or to only cover the pro-abortion side is because there’s an intuitive understanding there. When you tell the truth about what abortion does to a baby, people get upset.” She continued, “And that’s the very news that is, in a way, the most important news for ABC and the other groups to censor.”

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 4.58.57 PM
Ryan Bomberger

Ryan Bomberger of the Radiance Foundation had a poignant speech about the impact of abortion on the black community. Black babies are aborted at a rate 6x larger than that of the majority population.  In fact, in states across the country “more black babies are aborted, than born alive,” according to Bomberger.

Concerning how aggressive this campaign will be, Lila Rose insisted that they’re primary focus is education, and despite the bias in the media, their social media presence is successful in reaching millions of Americans each week with the facts about abortion.  Rose said that Live Action is “certainly going to continue to protest – and call out the mainstream media – but we’re doing our own thing too. And we’re going to continue that we’re reporting the facts too.”  So, the liberal media shouldn’t expect Erick Erickson “abortion barbie” rhetoric coming from this organization.

Lila Rose and MRC's Katie Yoder
Lila Rose and MRC’s Katie Yoder

At the same time, with Wendy Davis expected to run for Governor of Texas, the issue of late-term abortion will probably continue, as Davis rose to fame for filibustering a ban on the grisly procedure. Yet, Washington Post/ ABC News poll showed that 60% of women support restrictions on late-term abortion.  In fact, virtually everyone, who isn’t liberal, supports restrictions on late-term abortion.

The issue of late-term abortion could be fertile ground for the pro-life movement to make further inroads in their campaign to create a culture of life, but with 60% of women supporting the 20-week ban – pro-life organizations surely have a lot of political latitude to engage the public. It helps when the politics of the manufactured “war on women” are neutralized.

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