Business Insider Editor: Social Media Isn't Necessary To Win Elections

Business Insider’s Politics Editor, Josh Barro, isn’t a fan of NRSC’s Communications Director Brad Dayspring.  Citing a Politico piece from James Hohmann published yesterday, Barro labeled Dayspring as “juvenile” in his approach towards Twitter engagement.  Given the various scandals plaguing Obama, it’s puzzling that Politico would write almost 1800 words on the DCSS and NRSC’s Twitter wars, but to say that the social media platform can’t change elections, or drive the conservation, is sophomoric.

Concerning media, conservatives shamed the mainstream press into covering the murders committed by abortionist Kermit in Philadelphia.  With politics, Twitter was a key tool used by bloggers to push Ted Cruz over the top in his Texas senate bid.  He’s now driving liberals crazy serving as the freshman U.S. Senator from the Lone Star State.

Nevertheless, Barro wrote today that:

this [Twitter war] might look to you like a waste of time or a sign that campaign flacks often have defective personalities, but Dayspring assured Hohmman that these fights are part of an essential strategy for winning Senate seats:

The ability to knock an opponent off balance, whether in sports or politics, is an important aspect of winning,” he said in an interview. “Twitter can be used effectively for that.” …

“It’s a constant campaign on Twitter, and for the niche audience that wants to follow the constant campaign it’s a unique insight into the mind of each campaign and campaign committee,” he said. “The audience for that might be 100 people. I’m just making up a number, but it’s an important 100 people.”

Time for some Real Talk: Brad Dayspring’s committed Twitter audience of 100 is not important for determining the outcome of 2014 Senate races.

In fact, I’m pretty confident you could fire all of these people and the outcome of next year’s Senate races would be entirely unchanged.

Political analyst Stu Rothenberg, who is cited in Hohmann’s piece, was equally disparaging of Dayspring.

“He [Dayspring] is a Republican propagandist with a reputation for promoting his agenda at all costs and for trashing his adversaries…he enjoys verbal combat and acts as if every battle is a nuclear war.”

Right, that’s politics.  Wasn’t it James Carville who said, “when your opponent is drowning, throw the son of a bitch an anvil?” Additionally, aren’t Dayspring’s counterparts, Justin Barasky and Matt Canter at DSCC, part of the same mold?  The only measure of victory for Republicans is retaking the senate.  For Democrats, it’s maintaining their majority – at all costs.

Yet, is Barro saying that social media isn’t worth its weight when it comes to winning elections?  Democrats, specifically Obama, intertwining social media with social behavior was critical in delivering the devastating blow to Republicans in 2012.  Memes, or any picture posted on Twitter, increases engagement, and the use of “big data” left the GOP in the dust.  Additionally, Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook etc. all have a magnifying effect, which if used properly, can be devastating.  Does anyone remember Tumblr’s annoying “binders full of women” account last year?  Twitter also had an account exploiting the Romney gaffe, and all it did was hurt Republican outreach to young, single women even more. Republicans still have problems in this area.

So, it has a resonating effect, which I’m sure Barro already knows.  I’m also confident that he knows that both sides are staffed by the most passionate members, who hate each other’s political guts.  Things will get intense, but to say that firing every social media/communications soldier in this political war wouldn’t change the outcome is nonsensical.  We have over a year until the ’14 midterms.  That’s an eternity in politics, and mastering social media will be key to victory for either side.

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