That's Funny! In Arkansas, Democrats Are Pro-Gun Rights And Against Background Checks

This is truly bizarre. The Democratic Party, which pushed hard for so-called universal background checks last winter, has reversed their position in Arkansas. After all, the pro-gun control camp again failed miserably, and the president wasted the most precious moments of his second term on this bad piece of legislation.  Did the Democrats learn their lesson?  No. Yet, are you surprised? No. If anything, Democrats are now doubling down on both pro-gun control and pro-gun rights positions, which only highlights the fact that liberals have no spine.

Currently, Sen. Mark Pryor is getting softened up by Mayor Bloomberg’s idiotic strategy of running ads against Pryor, who opposed background checks in the Manchin-Toomey bill.  That’s great. He’s making it easier for us to be replace him with a pro-gun, conservative Republican.  If Pryor is ousted next year, a perverted aspect of that development would be that conservatives should probably send Bloomberg a thank you card and some flowers. After all, Bloomberg would be credited for doing a nice job getting Pryor all bloodied and bruised for us to take him out, which is highly possible.

In an ad released last week, Pryor said – and rightfully so – that the Manchin-Toomey bill wouldn’t have stopped future Newtowns, and highlighted that he would seeks ways to curb gun violence, while protecting gun rights.  Nevertheless, it’s all a ruse.  Pryor has a C- rating from the NRA, and voted to reauthorize the 2004 assault weapons ban.  The renewed ban was part of a bill that would prohibit certain lawsuits against gun manufacturers.  Yet, the most interesting twist in this fiasco is the DSCC supporting Pryor’s ad.

Nic Horton at the Arkansas Project posted on May 31 that:

[I]t seems that national Democratic groups are now touting the ad. This is pretty strange when you consider that they’ve been lobbying for the same measures that Pryor is speaking against.

Pryor’s ad claims that the gun control bill he recently voted against (Manchin-Toomey) would have done “nothing to prevent tragedies like Newtown, Aurora, Tucson, or even Jonesboro.” Strange, because the DSCC’s spokesman recently told The Hill that “his party’s commitment to expanding background checks for gun sales cannot be doubted.” By touting Pryor’s ad, is the DSCC now saying that their background check efforts would do nothing to prevent tragedies, but they’re fully committed to them anyway? I mean, that’s what I tend to think, but it seems a bit startling to see the DSCC admitting this.

Meanwhile, they’re still gathering petition signatures for background checks and lashing out at Republican supporters of the 2nd Amendment. What a strange world we live in.




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