CIA Requested al-Qaeda References Be Removed From Benghazi Talking Points

Today, the White House released their set of emails relating to the drafting of the Benghazi talking points, and all the revisions it went through. In all, it was about 100 pages. Also, Politico is reporting that the CIA “requested” that references to al-Qaeda be “scrubbed” from the talking points.

The White House on Wednesday released what it calls a complete set of emails and documents totaling 100 pages showing the evolution of the administration’s talking points about the Benghazi attack.

The emails, ranging from Sept. 14 to Sept. 15, indicated that CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell requested that references to Al Qaeda, an Al Qaeda linked terrorist group operating in Eastern Libya, and prior terrorist attacks in the area be scrubbed from public talking points-hours before State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland made a similar request, as previously reported.

But the documents also include a significant discrepancy in the process for drafting the document between the office of United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice and Morell, according to senior administration officials.


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