DSCC Strategy In Disarray

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee must be in a panic.  They’ve got nobody.  If anything, Rep. Gary Peters in Michigan and Rep. Bruce Braley in Iowa, who are third- tier at best, are the cream of the Democratic Senate crop in 2014 – and that’s not a good sign. It gets even worse with the latest development out of Georgia.

They did have a chance in retaking the state, but that went up in flames once Congressman John Barrow decided not to run. As a result, the National Journal reported on May 7 that:

His [ Barrow’s] decision to forgo the race leaves national Democrats pining for Michelle Nunn, an Atlanta-based philanthropist and the daughter of former Sen. Sam Nunn. Nunn and Barrow had reportedly met to discuss which of them would seek the seat, so his decision not to enter the race could be a sign that Nunn will get in.

Yet, as David Freddoso at Conservative Intel. Report noted, Nunn may have clogged the spot – and ruined her party’s chances of recapturing Georgia.  She’s from the liberal waving of Georgia’s Democratic Party. Barrow wasn’t going to pull a Blanche Lincoln by engaging in intra-party warfare, only to emerge beaten and bloody for a tough general election campaign.  Nunn also didn’t seem all that convinced that she should stand aside, which contributed to Barrow’s decision.

In the aftermath of the South Carolina’s special election for 1st congressional district, Freddoso mentions James Richardson’s post on George Tipsheet saying this could be an omen for Georgia Democrats.  ‘Georgia’s Colbert-Busch’ = disaster at the polls.  Overall:

the problem for national Democrats is that this is probably their most promising opportunity to pick up a GOP Senate seat in the 2014 midterm election and offset possible losses in states like West Virginia, South Dakota, Arkansas, Louisiana, and others. The only other state that looks even remotely promising at this point is Kentucky, where nobody well-known wants to step up and longshot “some dude” challengers are suddenly getting profiled in The Hill.

They also have no heavyweights in Texas.

In Massachusetts, the race has taken a rather bizarre turn with Congressman Ed Markey’s ‘Osama bin Gomez ad.’  He now claims credit for satellite dishes, Hulu, YouTube, Facebook, Google, and Amazon, which is probably to offset the fact that he’s accomplished nothing during his four decades in Congress.  Nevertheless, he released an ad reiterating these points.

Additionally, Markey seemed to have had problems managing his finances while in Congress.

In 1992, Markey Was Embroiled In Scandal After He Was Found To Have Bounced 92 Checks From The Private U.S. House Of Representatives Bank. “As Speaker Tom Foley (D-Wash) declared the House Bank issue a closed matter, many Members found themselves in deep trouble as a result of Thursday’s public release of the final list of overdrafters. … Ed Markey (D-Mass) 92: Redistricting awaits, but one of Markey’s potential opponents, Democrat-turned-Republican Frank Vallarelli, may have overplayed his hand before the release of the list, accusing Markey of 166 overdrafts. Markey could also face Mike Conway, the creator of the rubber check (see above).” (Tim Curran, “Who’s In Trouble On The New List?” Roll Call, 4/20/92)

In September 1991, The General Accounting Office Issued A Report Saying House Members Had Bounced 8,331 Checks Between July 1989 And June 1990, And The Private House Bank Had Covered Them. “While there had been questions about the bank’s practices in the past, the controversy began Sept. 18, when the General Accounting Office, the bank’s auditor of record, issued a report saying that House members had bounced 8,331 checks between July 1989 and June 1990 and the bank had covered them.” (Guy Gugliotta, “House Votes To Shut, Audit Bank,” The Washington Post, 10/4/91)
In October 1991, The House Voted To Shut Down The Private Bank And Ordered The Bank’s Audit Record Sent To The Ethics Committee For An Investigation. “Bowing to an outpouring of public outrage, the House yesterday voted overwhelmingly to shut down its private bank and ordered the bank’s audit records sent to the ethics committee for an investigation into possible abuses by members of Congress who have bounced thousands of checks on their personal accounts.” (Guy Gugliotta, “House Votes To Shut, Audit Bank,” The Washington Post, 10/4/91)

So, in all, the DSCC ‘s performance in its campaign strategy is underwhelming – and devolving into a clown show.

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