The Sordid History of Ed Markey

Democratic Congressman Ed Markey won his party’s primary to fill John Kerry’s vacant seat, but there’s a few things you should know about him.  First, he ran for congress in 1976 on a platform against the court-ordered busing of Boston’s schools.  At the time, the public schools in Boston were ordered to desegregate, and white and black students were forcibly bused to each others districts – which only exacerbated the high racial tensions in the city.  Today, such opposition would be anathema to the liberal base.

A few other things you should know about Markey.

  1. He was against the disclosure of lobbying rules
  2. He voted to double the Federal Gas Tax
  3. He voted against a Balanced Budget Amendment
  4. Voted for TARP
  5. Voted for the Stimulus
  6. Voted against doubling the Child Tax Credit to $1,000, and eliminating the Marriage Penalty
  7. Voted twice against an amendment requiring a two-thirds majority – in both the House and Senate – to raise taxes
  8. Voted against Clinton’s welfare reforms
  9. Voted to increase his own ay by 40%
  10. Voted for Obamacare
  11. Has an affinity for raising the debt ceiling (voted 31 times for it)

Markey is a tax and spend liberal, who hates children, loves taxes (and is own pay), and pretty much is against any legislation aimed to make us more economically competitive and fiscally sound. Yeah, he sounds like a typical Massachusetts politician.

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