Senate Dems = Airline Delays UPDATE: Senate Passes Bill To Ease Traffic Delays

If you’re at an airport and waiting in a long line, you should probably blame Democrats – specifically the ones in the Senate.  The fight to keep air traffic controller from being furloughed due to the sequester has failed.  It seems that Kay Hagan (D-North Carolina, Mark Pryor (D-Arkansas), Mary Landrieu (D-Louisiana), and Rep. Bruce Braley (Iowa) are to blame.  According to the Hill:

Senate Democrats and Republicans offered competing bills to avoid the cuts to air traffic control, though neither could get enough support to pass. Pryor, Landrieu and Hagan voted for the original bipartisan compromise that created sequestration — as did two GOP Senate candidates, Reps. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) and Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.).”While Mary Landrieu supported sequestration, the outcome has resulted in an understaffed Federal Aviation Administration, causing hours of delays for Louisianans and other passengers across the country,” says one version of the email.

“Unfortunately for Louisiana’s flying public, the realization of sequestration headaches has yet to prod Mary Landrieu to undertake any real action to fix it. In fact, Landrieu voted twice against measures to prevent sequester related flight delays,” it continues. “While President Obama and Washington Democrats desperately attempt to salvage the legitimacy behind forcing Louisianans to foot the bill for their tax-and-spend ways, Landrieu must choose between D.C.’s political games and the tired folks in Terminal A.”

Mounting flight delays caused by sequestration are occurring nationwide, aggravating travelers from coast to coast. Both parties are seeking to blame the other — once again — for causing sequestration.

The idea for sequestration came from the White House. Are we really going to debate whether or not that this wasn’t a Democratic initiative?  It was. ewe

Update: via WSJ:

The Senate approved a bill late Thursday aimed at easing travel delays caused by the furlough of air-traffic controllers. The timing of House action on the measure was unclear.

The Senate unanimously approved the measure to give the Transportation Department more budget flexibility to reduce the number of furloughs. Under the bill, the Federal Aviation Administration would be able to redirect up to $253 million from other areas of its budget to shore up staffing levels.



Photo courtesy of Gateway Pundit.

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