51% of Americans Say Guns Makes A Home Safer

In 2000, only 35% of American felt a gun in the home it safer, compared to the 51% who felt it made a home more dangerous. Yet, the new WaPo/ABC News poll – released on April 18 – showed that the trend has flip flopped, with 51% of Americans feeling that a firearm in the home makes it more safe.  Now, only 29% feel otherwise.  Although, what’s interesting about this poll is that 51% of white, middle class women support the notion that a firearm makes a home safer.  After all, women are the fastest growing demographic embracing gun ownership.


Instapundit noted reader Stephen Cobbs saying, “even more crucial than the topline 51% support for guns is that the support from white women is 51%. As an influential legal mind has pointed out, nothing that middle-class white women do can ever be illegal.”

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