Nationwide No-on-Cap-and-Trade Tax Rally; Bonus Policy Details

Dear Friends: This is both a save-the-date request, as well as a clarion call to action. Many of you have been following Henry Waxman’s actions to push-forth a free enterprise-endangering, liberty-impeding monstrosity nicknamed “Cap-and-Trade”. The details are provided HERE.

Our little group of agitators, the Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition, is calling for a nationwide protest of this bill, perhaps inspiring some wobbly Republicans and blue-Dog Democrats to vote against it (especially in the US Senate). It doesn’t have to be a grand rally with big speeches — just citizens with signs, a couple of bullhorns, and spirit.

Our merry band of taxpayer advocates will be providing a detailed US House policy brief that has specifics that really threaten the American economic citizen, our way of life, and the quality of our children’s future. This measures including excluding nuclear power from the list of “carbon neutral” technologies. The bill also specifies that no new coal plants can be opened, unless they meet Carbon-Capture-and-Sequestration (CCS) technologies that are about 15 years away in development (bottom line – no new coal plants, which is a nice bonus for those Pennsylvanian union miners who voted for Obama). Interestingly, the sequestration technologies have the potential for endangering more human life as carbon dioxide does have potential life-threatening effects at high concentrations (instead of the exceedingly diluted emissions from our current fossil fuel technologies).

What! Unintended consequences from ill-considered legislation. That’s just not possible!

Here is a tidbit – more chilling information will follow later.

* Compared to no cap and trade, real GDP losses increase are $9.6 trillion.
* Compared to no cap and trade, average unemployment increases to 1,105,000 lost jobs.
* An average family of four will spend $4800/year to comply.
* Electricity rates go up 90%.
* Gasoline prices up by 74%.
* Residential natural gas prices go up by 55%.

Update: A chilling congressional analysis detailing the economic toxicity of this bill is available HERE.

Considering that 78% of the people polled indicated that a 50$/month increase in utility bills would be a hardship and 58% polled said they are unwilling to pay more to “combat climate change” (especially since, in my opinion, global warming is not a sound scientific reality), I have to believe most Americans would like to stop this bill cold.

So, please save this date and time for the Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition No-to-Cap-and-Trade Rally in San Diego:

Day: Friday, May 29.
Time: 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Location: Miramar Road, just off I-15 (details to be provided).

Please spread the word, and if there are other like-minded Americans, please get them involved nationwide. The more visibility we have, the more likely we can kill this beast of a bill.

(Just as an added bonus, Obama’s Adminstration is intending to speed-track the “healthcare reform”. This attempt to socialize medicine warrants its own special revolt. As Obama-lionizing “Healthcare Reform for America Now” appears to be having a series of rallies at the end of May through early June, I think it behooves taxpayers have a say, too. The Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition has tentatively slated a rally by the Star of India for June 3. More details will follow.)