Bulgaria's Tea Party History

From my home site, The Shrine of Flaming Capitalism.

I just received this letter from a participant and organizer from the “tender revolution” in Communist Bulgaria, 1989-1990. It is an inspirational and important message of concern from a newly minted American citizen who has experienced “socialist utopias”  (Check Michelle Malkin’s site for Russia’s new Utopia-loving  comrade).

Almost twenty years ago when we went on the streets on the nation’s capital to peacefully demonstrate our dissent with the Communist government we didn’t call it a party, although later some of the all-night stands in protest had a lot of the elements of a good party in the later hours:)

First, there were just a couple of dozens prominent intellectuals, some of them celebrities on a national scale that gathered signatures for a petition against the government plan that would destroy the ecology of two of our beautiful mountains. They got beaten by the communist police. I was not there but learned from the airwaves and the first dissident newspaper that appeared on the streets a few days later.

The main source for information and helping to organize the demonstrations was a radio station called “Free Europe” (our “talk radio” that for obvious reasons we could only listen). A week after the police beating, about 400-500 peoples gathered to officially hand out a petition with over 35, 000 signatures to the National Assembly against the ecologically disastrous government project. I was there. Yes, we too had impostors trying to provoke violence and disturbance, so the police could find the excuse and attack again. Calm speakers already known to be among the first two dozens above helped to overcome the seduction to escalate the protest. There was a tiny cordon of probably youngsters from the first grade in the police academy on our way to the Communist Party House. There were many angry voices in the crowd urging us to break through the police chain and continue the demonstration in front of this “sacred” CP headquarters. Later we learned that the back yards of the nearby apartment blocks were full with well trained and equipped hordes of police forces, waiting for us to just touch the kids from the academy. We didn’t and all ended peacefully this time thanks to some sober voices that redirected the march to listen the prominent dissident instead.

Just a week later, the Polit Bureau of the CP replaced the party leader that ruled the country for 36 years with someone new, promising to start reforms. Again by a call mostly from “Free Europe” (since no outlet of the communist mass media would report anything) we were thousands on the streets demanding freedom, break of the single party rule and democratic elections with allowed true opposition to the CP.

In the communism textbooks that we had to learn there was a saying “Revolutions happen when the vast majority of the population doesn’t like to live the old way and the government is incapable to respond to this need and change the way” Maybe this is correct, is this coming to this great country?

See, I’ll be at Spanish Landing on 11 and at Midway on 15 but don’t see a reason not to call them peaceful demonstration in protest to the “tax and spend” policy of the current administration. The strength is in numbers and numbers will come with persistence, diligent grassroots work, and education about the true nature of this “Obamonics’. Don’t be discouraged is there are not enough patriots to show up at the beginning. Inevitably the suffering will lead to larger crowds and when the silent majority is no longer silent then miracles may happen. I’ll be proud to be along the way in this revolt.

I have lived and worked for years in East European, West European, and Canadian socialism and it never worked or will ever work. I know this not only from what I have seen on my long way to become American Citizen. Unlike most of the leftist in the academia and elsewhere, I have many courses of formal education in all aspects of the communist/socialist doctrine behind and know precisely what is wrong with all those ideas. So, for me the only question is what will be the price this great country will have to pay for this social/economic experiment before returns to its roots. Time comes for every true patriot to do something outside his/her zone of comfort and save this great country for all coming after us.

Many yeas ago we made our protests at night with candles hidden from the wind (and for safety) in small plastic or paper cups with some water at the bottom. Maybe this is idea for April 15?

I still believe in the free American Spirit, I believe your cause as part of taking our country back will win.

May God bless your initiative and help us!