CA Tea Pary Update: SF Needs Assist - San Diego Hopping

Dear Friends: I wanted to update everyone on some news related to the California Tax Week Tea Parties. According to the Tax Day Tea Party group, California leading the nation with 36 Tax Day Tea Parties on the schedule for April 15th. We wanted to remind everyone that information about those in Southern California can be located HERE!

I wanted to mention to our friends that San Fransisco could use an assist for a Tea Party being planned at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office. I am hearing this story second hand, but it seems the liberal activist up that way setup dummy events, which confused many people about the time/date/location. Subsequently, despite the fact the Tea Party host expected 500 people to show, only 20 did (much to the joy of the mocking media). I will post more information about the REAL time/place/location as I get it. However, there are stories of website site hacks and event hijacks the Tea Party movement grows. Forewarned is forearmed!

In terms of San Diego’s April 11th event, 11 am-12 noon at Spanish Landing, we will have pinatas of our favorite Tax Revolt targets, a “Sound Off” booth, and a well known radio talk show host there. For further details on these and other goodies, please check the Shrine.

In other news of the day:

It seems some Republicans think that socialism-lite is a good idea, as they vote in support of limiting the salaries of fellow citizens.

Apparently the Obama is administration is as transparent as my cream-filled cup of Mystic Monk coffee! (Full disclosure: I owe my blog-mother a belated analysis of the biochemical benefits of caffeine; go to her site for wisdom, and in Flaming Capitalist spirit, order some Mystic Monk coffee through the right-side link — it is the BEST coffee I have ever tasted, bar none).

It seems that some of our federal representatives are a little scared in light of the Tea Party Movement that their voting records inspired. Be afraid — be very afraid!