Fair Play: CT Working Families Party Info and Contacts

I have been reviewing the mob-mentality being generated by the Obama administration and the Democrat-led Congress today. One of the more interesting developments is that a group leading a tour to harass fellow American citizens is (Connecticut Working Families Party) is that it is co-founded by ACORN. ACORN is a radical group, with a strong anti-capitalist agenda, that perpetrated voter fraud in the November Presidential Election.

In the interest of Fair Play, I offer this information about the participants of this truly reprehensible venture. The confirmed attendees are below.

Dianna Vazquez
Hartford, Connecticut

Dylan Wardwell
Hartford, Connecticut

Assad Jackson,
Hartford CT

Brian Mills,
Hartford, Connecticut

Jon Green
Hartford, Connecticut
(Director of this Mad Tour)

Stacey Zimmerman
New Haven, Connecticut

Joe Dinkin
Hartford, Connecticut

I have posted the pictures of the attending members of the Harassment Bus Tour for those without Facebook. Once again, bloggers have done the job that the elite media has failed to do.

If you want to let these attendees know how YOU feel about this mob action, you can email this Joe here:
[email protected] You can also contact the Connecticut Working Families Party via their website.

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