Bus Ride to Socialism

Dear Friends: I have rarely been so concerned, or have seen so many of my friends and family agitated and fearful. I think we are dangerously close to a precipice, where hard-working capitalists and small-government-supporting politicians are wrongly demonized and become targets of a mob mentality. Such actions are surely the first step towards extreme government control in our lives.

I have been following a number of theme in the news today, and was planning to post Monday. However, situations are arising so quickly, I wanted to take a few moments to share them with you today.

The Drudge Report indicates that Obama is planning to regulate “executive pay at all banks, Wall Street firms and possibly other companies’ as part of sweeping plan to ‘overhaul financial regulation.” This is totalitarianism, and I want to part of this! Professor Athena, who is a key member of a large financial institution, will be commenting next week.

Furthermore, fellow Americans are being harrassed for merely being paid the money owed them per a contractual arrangement supposedly approved by the Obama-led administration. American Digest suggests that we freedom minded citizens go onto the Facebook page of Connecticut Working Families and note who THEY are. The money quote:

If you wish, make a list of the names of those members involved, along with their home towns. Organize your own tour of their cribs. It is, it seems, the New American Way.

Meanwhile, Barney Frank and other Democrat political leaders target the executives of institutions that were, prior to the Novemeber election, deemed essential to the success of the American economy. To add insult to injury, California and New York big-government-high-tax Democratic Congressman, claim Maryland as their primary residence to avoid taxes! I guess the believe taxes only be for those of us who are not politically connected.

In other news, Sarah Palin is being called a “hypocrite” for rejecting a stimulus package while berating Obama’s inane “Special Olympics gaffe — some of which had funding for special needs program. The trouble is that this funding runs out after 2 years, and if the state doesn’t have the cash in the first place, the programs dependent on in stop (or taxpayers get taxed more).

I could rant some more, but I plan to save some of that energy for my next Tea Party! Apparently, I am not the only American upset — there are 3000 at the Orlando, Florida rally today and several hundred in North Carolina. Amusingly, Christopher Dodd (the Countrywide Mortgage-bribed Democratic Senator key in the current mortgage debacle) is the target of several hundred protesters at a Kentucky Tea Party, which is being live-blogged.

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