San Diego Tea Party Tax Revolt 2: 11 am April 11

Some exciting news!!! Our local band of tax protesters has scheduled the next demonstration: 11 am – noon, April 11, 2009 (Saturday) at Spanish Landing Park (by the harbor, next to the airport).

We encourage all Californian’s who detest the tax-and-spend attitudes of federal, state and local representatives to bring their signs, tea-bag-covered apparel, and energy to agitate against the irresponsible use of hard-earned taxpayer money. Don’t forget to wear your formal protest apparel, as we hope to catch the eye of local and national media.

A few programming notes:

1) We have semi-organized our protest group as the Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition, SoCal-TRC for short. You can get timely updates and share member information with others by joining the Facebook group (click HERE).

2) We are planning Tax-Day protests on during the evening hours on April 15, focused on the three main post offices. Permits and arrangements are being finalized, so be sure to check the Shrine of Flaming Capitalism or the SoCal-TRC Facebook page for further details.

3) A webpage is under development for the SoCal-TRC, which will help Californians coordinate their efforts with fellow citizens and other Americans across the country. The site will contain contact information for our federal, state and local representatives, as well as the most pertinent information on upcoming tax proposals or budget-busting pork-barrel expenditures. Check back here for information on the status of the new webpage.

A few hat tips:

Bydesign001 for the great photo!
Anchoress, for her wonderful send-up of Obama’s Saturday Night Live Presidency!
And a great website, Accuracy in Media, asks the timely question: If a revolution happens, and no reporters cover it, will it make a sound?
A great review of the large-scale John and Ken Fullerton Tea Party (attended by 15,000) is from the Shrine’s designated artist: Lipstick Underground