Flaming Capitalist News Roundup

Dear Reader: The Goddess of Capitalism is pleased. American citizens have realized that they NEED to be watchdogs over their tax dollars, so the Tea Party Revolt movement grows.

For my local capitalists, the next San Diego Tea Party 2 – Tax Revolt will be April 11 (Saturday) at 11 am, somewhere along the harbor. More details to follow!

Let me share with you a few of my favorite news snippets today.

* Tax protesters in Blue State New Jersey! Citizens of Hoboken stormed city hall, calling for lower taxes and a recall of incompetent politicians.

* Unhappy citizens shun GM: Apparently, thinking that GM already had enough of their money from the bailout, buyers went elsewhere for their new cars — or, opted not to buy. Who wouldda thunk?

* I have to say, it is one thing for free-enterprise-loving capitalists to complain about the Obama administration, but quite another when the usual liberal vanguard piles on. Here are some lovely chestnuts:

Maureen Dowd Complains about Obama’s Lies.
Chris Mathews, he of the tingly leg, thinks Obama is a …now get ready…HYPOCRITE! o
Jim Cramer, the “Mad Money” stock pundit on CNBC, railed against Obama, despite voting for him. Money quote: “We all want to change the world. I know I’d like to change the world, but when you talk about wealth destruction, don’t you know that you can count me out?”

I think the take-home message is clear: Citizens are more fully engaged then they have been in a long time. And, they are none too pleased with Obama’s proposals. As long was all of us stay active and informed, instead of gloomy and content merely to complain on our usual Internet sites, then there is good hope for the USA.