Obama IS a DAMN FINE Community Organizer

I have to tip my Flaming Capitalist Crown to President Obama — he IS one DAMN FINE community organizer. He is managed, in less than 100 days as POTUS, to organize average Americans, business owners, and other freedom-minded citizens in ways I would have never dreamed imaginable.

I have lived through Democrat Presidents, with whom I disagreed, and it never, ever occurred to me to brew rebellion! Now, it is true that Republican President George Bush was the focus of many vitriolic rallies. However the Bush-hate rallies were filled with agitators who essentially protested for a living. These rallies were generally one-quarter to one-half the size of the Tea Party Revolts held nationwide yesterday. I have to think our dear President is none too pleased with this style of activism!

I was struck by two things following my speech yesterday, when other Tea Party rebels came up to chat with me:

1) People were excited about the flaming capitalist message I presented. They were clamoring for more focus on this than activism on social topics.

2) Many admired my kind remarks about fiscally responsible Democrats. I think many Americans are getting tired of vitriol tossed at fellow citizens — even if they disagree on some topics.

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