Barry Will Never Be My President

Today, I am wearing black, and will do so for 40 days of mourning. It will be my silent statement about what I think about the legacy media’s coronation of a quasi-communist who was backed by vote-fraud-generating ACORN supporters and who attended one of the most racist churches in the USA.

Barry will not be my President, ever. My one goal over the next four years will be to avoid being exposed to him in any fashion — print, TV news, magazines, etc. I will be obtaining my news through my blogs and preferred alternative news sites. I will also be buying stock in satellite radio just in case the Fairness Doctrine is re-instated.

To those supporters who want to gloat, I have this to say — I am looking forward to my tax cuts, free college for my son, free health care, low energy prices from alternative fuels, and a world that is terrorist free in which the USA is cherished. I can see by this mornings news that Hamas lobbed 35 missiles into Israel to celebrate Barry’s victory. Good start! Trust me, I for one plan to hold Barry’s feet to the fire to live up to all is campaign promises.

That is enough venting for now. I will be back soon for more.