One Man

It started with One Man.
One Man who thought he could make a difference in his local community.
One Man who did make that difference for a time.
One Man who defended the defenseless.
One Man who put himself at risk in the support of justice.
One Man who stood up for what he believed, even if it was not terribly radical.
That was until One Night.
Everything that happened that One Night cannot be known for certain, although those who were there gave us a pretty good idea.
All we know for certain is that a life ended at the hands of One Man.
To be sure, One Man’s actions came under thorough scrutiny almost immediately.
One Man went through what were, up to that point, some of the hardest days in his life.
But after it was said and done, One Man passed scrutiny.
One Man had no choice but to do as he did, it was decided, and One Man was free to live his life again, for a little while.

But then Some came along.
Some decided the scrutiny One Man underwent was not enough. Not nearly enough.
The people that had scrutinized One Man and found him justified were removed, and replaced by those willing to accuse One Man of murder regardless of the evidence they had.
And then Some brought in the Media.
And the Media declared One Man an abomination, a symbol of everything wrong with white people in this country.
And then the Media looked a little closer at One Man’s face and said, meh, close enough.
And for a time, Some were satisfied.
But eventually the trial began of One Man.
And as the evidence was presented, and testimony given, it quickly became obvious to anyone with eyes to see, that what the Media said of One Man was a lie.
And that Some were not going to get what they wanted from One Man.
And inevitably it came to pass that One Man was once again found justified, and was once again set free.
It was at this point that Some lost their ever-loving minds.

For you see, One Man’s circumstances had failed to fit the expectations of Some.
One Man who, through no particular fault of his own, failed to be what Some wanted him to be.
And for this, Some cannot forgive One Man.
One Man shattered their worlds.
One Man filled Some with rage.
One Man caused Some to rail with anger at millions of others who were not there and had nothing to do with One Man’s actions.
One Man filled Some with despair for the world.
All because One Man happened to be different.
Chances are, you do not know One Man. He is after all, just One Man, and cannot possibly have met even a fraction of the people in the world.
Yet the fate of One Man may affect us all.
It is not known today just what lengths Some will go to, to have their way with One Man.
Some would have the double jeopardy clause of the Fifth Amendment ruled non-functional.
Some would radically alter the laws of this country regarding self-defense.
Some would enforce mass disarmament, contrary to the Second Amendment, so that the Next Man will simply be a quiet unmourned victim of circumstance.
Some, still bewildered by the Media’s lies, are striking out at random, attacking things that had nothing to do with the case of One Man but were nevertheless despised by the Media and therefore raised for scorn.

That brings us to today.
One Man still lives, but his life as he knew it is over.
Some still howl with rage.
The Media continues to lie at the behest of Some.
What happens next is the Future, and cannot be written at this time.

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