Check please

That’s it, I’m done.

I did not wake up this morning, heck, I didn’t even go to lunch, thinking this would be the day that broke me as far as interest in the GOP Primary race went.

Yet, here we are.

I never really expected my actual vote to matter, having recently relocated to a state with a mid-late primary date that all but assures its irrelevance in the primary process. But I had hoped that I could take an interest in the outcome in other ways, via my relatively humble donations and whatever semblance of reach my words have.

But as of today, that’s pretty well over.

Just hours ago it started to look like Herman Cain just might have a winning hand. An overhyped hit job was getting people swarming to his defense, and, just for a brief shining moment, the words “President Herman Cain” seemed possible.

Then it all went to crap.

I don’t know whose fault it was, who leaked it, who’s lying, who’s on first, who put the bop in the — well you get the point. I’ve stopped caring. I’m checked right out of this whole mess. If anyone wants credit for the straw that broke my will on this, that talk show guy in Iowa — whatever his name is, I’ve already forgotten it — can have it.

I’ve got other things I can do with both my time and my money than waste it on all this lame infighting and incomprehensible incompetence.

The rest of y’all can go on. Just tell me when it’s over. I’ll be in the next room, writing a bad novel very quickly.