Catching up

(Political content starts in five paragraphs, feel free to skip along to that.)

So last night someone tweeted me: “You haven’t blogged at RedState in almost five months.” I was a little surprised anyone noticed.

Initially, I cut off for a while as a spat. Yeah, I can admit it. Not to go into detail, but I wrote up what I thought was a very nice diary entry on a current topic, only to see later that day one of the big names here at RedState write largely the same article and get immediate front page treatment. Yeah, I know, really petty of me, but even I have enough of an ego that finding out I was that low in the pecking order hurt a little.

Anyway, just as that was starting to wear off, I found out that I worked for the only company in America that thought it was a good idea to move jobs OUT of Texas. So that was another major stress factor for me, as I wrestled with the decision to leave a place I love or face unemployment at a particularly bad time to do so. In the end, most of my body may have left Texas, but my heart stayed behind.

Enough about me. Time to get back on topic.

Another reason I haven’t had much to say lately is that Erick Erickson has done an almost eerily good job of expressing my sentiments on the field of candidates. So inasmuch as what I have to say here may sound like I’m simply cribbing Erick, it just shows how much we are on the same page.

I worry that Romney will be McCain 2.0, but unlike the 1.0 version, at least he wouldn’t have to pull a Sarah Palin out of his hat to get me to stop contemplating sitting out the election entirely.

Speaking of Ms. Wasilla, can we talk, please? I thought I “got” you, Sarah. I thought that with your little madcap bus tour and your hide and seek games with the MSM that you were just giving them the biggest tweaking ever and that you never had any intention of running in 2012. And I loved it, too. But Sarah, dear, it’s starting to get old. Worse, it’s starting to feel like the joke is now on those of us who want to get down to business and figure out who to back. It’s not helping either that certain of your supporters cluck their tongues disapprovingly at anyone who dares to even express annoyance at these antics.

Rick Perry. Well, now I know why you wouldn’t grant Bill White a debate during the gubernatorial campaign last year. I don’t know if you can overcome that limitation, but regardless, it was great living in your state and I hope someday to return. As things stand, if I had to cast my primary ballot today, I’d honestly have to flip a coin between you and…

Herman Cain. I kind of wish I’d gone up to talk to you at RSG ’10, but in the moment just being at the coming-out party for a possible next president of the United States was enough for me. I am genuinely thrilled to see you running so strongly this far into the proceedings. We need more people like you in the mix, and I am not afraid to back up that sentiment with my money.

That’s all I have right now. Nothing profound, nothing that’s going to turn heads or make me a player in the game. Just a little something to say, I’m still here.