Get out and play... or not.

Everyone remembers playground sports, right? Kickball, dodgeball, freeze tag… maybe if your school had budget for more than a bunch of rubber balls things like whiffle ball might have even been possible.  But did you realize how much danger you were putting yourself through? The Health Department of the state of New York does.

It’s actually a bit of a pity the NY Daily News actually acts journalistic and tells us the whole point of the exercise right in the headline of the story.  But for that, one might have some fun pitting the bureaucrats against the national anti-obesity campaign.

But no, it quickly becomes clear that the Health Department doesn’t actually want to ban these everyday play activities we all participated in growing up.  No, they simply want to use them as a way of making it nigh impossible for small, independent summer camp operations to avoid their oversight and regulation.  I have little doubt that these measures have the support of the larger summer camps, who will see this as a way of keeping their business from being siphoned off by smaller competitors.

I think this is another example of why the movie Atlas Shrugged didn’t have as much of an impact on me as it might have.  With a government that feels this free to pass any kind of laws and regulations it feels like in real life, what’s the big deal about seeing much the same thing, ramped up only a little, in a work of fiction?