We knew this day was coming

The American people, opinions of the Ruling Class to the contrary notwithstanding, are not stupid. We knew this day was coming.

We knew it two years ago this Friday, when hundreds of thousands of us gathered across many locations, in numbers large and small, to protest what many in Washington still had the chutzpah to pretend wasn’t coming down the pike.

The mortgage bailouts. The massive — and in many cases futile — corporate/union bailouts. The nearly-trillion dollar package that make a joke of the word “stimulus”. We knew what all of that was leading up to.

Today, per all accounts, President Obama will ascend to the podium and tell us he has a great idea for fixing the problem of the deficit the majority of which he and his party’s Congress created.  He is going to raise taxes.

Of course he’ll try to sell it. He’ll make the case that, regardless of whether you agreed with all that spending, we have no choice but to pay for it now. He’ll try to make it sound to the average American voter that this tax increase will have no impact whatsoever on them. He’ll be lying, of course, but so what else is new. At this point it’s all we can hope for that he won’t repeat the cliches word-for-word about “making the rich pay their fair share” and similarly.

Today’s speech will embody everything we protested against on April 15, 2009. It is why we created the Tea Party, to establish a beachhead in Congress that, hopefully, will stand up to the president and tell him no.  No, Mr. President, we were voted here explicitly to see to it that you did not raise taxes on the American people and, if nothing else, we are going to live up to that duty.

We have spent two years preparing for this day. Today — of all days — let us not blink.