Just like Florida 2000! Except...

Everyone’s favorite morbidly obese maker of fictional documentaries, Michael Moore (@MMFlint if you must see for yourself), has “cleverly” crafted a series of tweets regarding tonight’s developments in the Wisconsin Supreme Court election.

A few samples of the master’s wit:

Every hour some Republican clerk “finds” new votes for the incumbent justice who lost. The elections is over! #lessonswelearnedFlorida2000

C’mon Repubs, once u were ahead in FL u declrd victry & got theCourt 2 stop any more counting. What’s the matter this time? #shoeontheotherfoot

Republicans created the rule: “Whoever declares victory first, wins!” When will Obama Justice Dept impound ballots and stop the shenanigans?

Moore’s point, such as it is, is that this week’s Wisconsin Supreme Court election is the mirror image of the Florida voting in the 2000 Presidential election.  Which it totally is, except for a few minor details (this list is probably far from exhaustive):

  • The Wisconsin election drama has not yet lasted 24 hours. The Florida drama dragged on for 36 days, much of which had passed before the screams of “enough already!” started to ring out.
  • Gore conceded Florida and the election after the automatic recount. Then he decided to “un-concede”. Prosser never conceded, Kloppenburg’s premature declaration of victory notwithstanding.
  • In Florida, it was after the automatic recount that things started going haywire as election officials took it upon themselves to make up new rules to accomodate further recounts. In Wisconsin, there has not yet even been one official recount. The reversal came during the “canvassing” process, wherein the local election officials double-check their own results and correct any clerical errors that may have occurred. In this case, they found a lulu of a clerical error.
  • The totals reported earlier today, showing Kloppenburg ahead by 202 votes, were never filed or declared official. In fact, as of this writing, no total has yet been declared official. Bush’s victory in Florida was duly certified a few days after the election.

There is one thing the two elections may well have in common when all is said and done, however.  All the controversy over Florida in 2000 turned out to be about nothing. At no point, even after the fact, did any recount, manual, automatic, hanging chad, pregnant chad, n’djamena chad, whatever, was a total produced that showed Gore ahead.  Similarly, even without the roughly 7400 votes that are the subject of controversy, David Prosser was already clinging to a slight lead based on other errors that had been corrected earlier in the day. Gore’s, and in all likelihood Kloppenburg’s, “victories” were, in the end, entirely phantom ones. Never existed, never will, exist except in the minds of the likes of Michael Moore.

I, for one, can’t wait for this movie to come out.