AlterNet doubles down on racial slurs against Herman Cain

As scipio62 blogged yesterday, the left-wing website AlterNet posted a pseudonymous article that trashed businessman and RedState favorite Herman Cain with several vile racial slurs on the way to leveling the tired charge of being an “Uncle Tom” that the left routinely slaps on any African-American who decides to favor the conservative point of view with respect to American politics.

Now there may be a temptation — for this blogger anyway — to leave open the possibility that the article, penned under the name “Chauncey DeVega”, is some kind of aberration that would meet swift condemnation or at the very least a quiet distancing with the suggestion that “Mr. DeVega” take his screeds somewhere else.

No such luck.  Overnight, AlterNet came to “DeVega”‘s defense:

We understand that some are offended by DeVega’s choice of words. We note, however, that most of the consternation generated by DeVega’s post has come from right-wing supporters of Cain who have focused on the language of his post and not the substance of his claim that Cain lends cover to reactionary right-wing forces.

Of course, neither AlterNet nor any of its left-blogosphere brethren would hesitate to be all over any language slip-ups of Cain or anyone else on our side of the aisle.  (Lest we forget: “macaca”.)

But worse than that is the doubling down on the implication is that Cain is merely here to “provide cover” for “right-wing forces”.  The very possibility that Cain himself might be a “right-wing force”?  Absurd!  Unthinkable!  He can’t possibly be espousing these views for his own ends!  And why do they say that?  Because he’s… he’s…

Do go on, Mr. “DeVega”.  Please continue, editors of AlterNet.  What is it about Herman Cain that leads you to the automatic assumption that he is not his own man, expressing his own views, and with his own aspirations to apply them in occupation of the highest executive office in the nation?

Let’s let Mr. “DeVega” speak for himself on the matter, as the editors of AlterNet invited him to do:

In my original post I referred to Herman Cain and other black conservatives as “race minstrels” and “mascots” for the White conservative imagination. I stand by this observation.

There’s a lot more to it than that, but this gives you the gist.  No apologies.  No regrets.  They truly believe that if your skin is beyond a certain shade then they are entitled to your political loyalty, and if you deny them that you are effectively betraying yourself.

Welcome to the “post-racial” era.