Life trumps politics

This entry probably isn’t going to contain anything profound here.  Just an explanation of where I’ve been and why I dropped off the map here at RedState.

Honestly, after the election I was flat burned out.  I kinda knew I would be and just resolved to shut politics as much out of my life as possible from November 3rd until January 1st. A little distraction in the form of a slice of insanity known as National Novel Writing Month kept temptation away for a while, then came Christmas and all the anxieties that come with that.

I was all set to start 2011 fresh and then… my job moved on me. Or rather, is in the process of moving. Either move from Texas where I’ve spent more than a third of my life, to Alabama, or spend the whole year teaching people in Alabama how to do my job while I wait for the axe to fall.  Not a fun choice.

Either way, the Internet will be there for me when the dust settles, so I’ll be back.  It’s just taking longer than I planned.

See you all soon enough. Don’t go raising taxes without me!  Or with me!