DeFazio panicking? Wants to impeach Roberts

In a move that, based on a five-minute sample of opinion, even many loyal liberals are looking sideways at, Oregon congressman Peter DeFazio announced that he was considering seeking the impeachment of Chief Justice John Roberts over the Supreme Courts decision to partially uphold the First Amendment by striking down portions of the McCain-Finegold Campaign Finance Reform Act.

As I implied above, few are taking this terribly seriously, given the dearth of precedent for the impeachment of Supreme Court justices, not to mention the floodgates that would surely open should DeFazio somehow succeed. In all likelihood this is simply some red (blue?) meat DeFazio is tossing out there to try and motivate his base.

My takeaway from this is that, even with a six-point lead at this late stage, DeFazio must be feeling awfully insecure to be trying for grandstand plays like this one. Certainly, as that RCP link shows, this is by far the closest race DeFazio has faced in recent elections.

Which, by the way: Art Robinson. If DeFazio thinks he can still lose, who are we to argue?