Austin in on the AZ boycott: What to do about the Gathering?

It’s not much of a secret that Austin is the progressive enclave of the great state of Texas.  Nevertheless, there was some reason to hope that clearer heads would prevail and Austin would not join the bandwagon of municipalities joining in on the ill-informed and wrong-headed boycott of Arizona over its new immigration law.

No such luck.

Fellow, Red Staters, we now have a problem.  Specifically, the fact that many of us, myself included, have put down a deposit to attend the 2010 RedState Gathering, set to take place in downtown Austin.

Even though the event is still months away, it’s clear we have a decision to make and one that is probably better made sooner than later.

Should we relocate the Gathering to some other location that is not boycotting Arizona?  And if so, where?

Alternatively, if we do stick with Austin regardless, what to do about individuals who have paid their deposit but now wish to make an individual choice to boycott the communities taking part in the boycott of Arizona?

What if the individuals in question live in Arizona and have a vested interest in a counter-boycott?

I have no knowledge of the status of the organizational efforts for the Gathering, so I have no idea what is possible and what is not.  But I believe all of the above questions need to be asked and sooner than later.