Cramer's Remorse, V: Groundbreaking Fatigue

Jim Cramer’s starting to get tired.  I know, it’s hard to imagine that little ball of kinetic energy from Mad Money ever showing any sign of fatigue, but if any man is capable of wearing down the Reverend Jim-Bob from the Church of What’s Working Now, it’s our new commander-in-chief.

“[Y]ou wake up, and every day’s historic… including a lot of days you don’t want to be historic.  Or sweeping.  Or groundbreaking.”

This, of course, is simply a side of effect of the massive ego we have sitting in the Oval Office today, who Cramer himself endorsed and helped fund.  If anything’s not a big, massive, huge, historic deal, or can’t be made to appear to be at the time, it’s just not worth the President’s time.

The upside to this, one supposes, is that if a man like Jim Cramer can be tired of Obama’s aggrandizement of anything and everything having to do with him, how burned out must the less-kinetic rank and file Obama supporters be?  Money quote time:

Does anyone mind if we all collectively go back to sleep and hope that tomorrow Obama’s more tired and we can just focus on something less revolutionary, like creating jobs?”

I’m afraid that’s not on the President’s schedule anytime soon.  Sorry Jim, you’re just going to have to live with what you voted for, at least for another 3 1/2 years.