The Great Civil Rights Issue of Our Time

Each and every day thousands, if not millions of children are sent into failing schools in this country.  Impoverished communities have the highest risk of having schools that don’t prepare the children to graduate with a high school degree much less a college one.  A sea of bright children cast into the darkness of failed educational policies.

This is National School Choice Week.  An entire week designated toward raising awareness for what I believe to be the great civil rights battle of our time.  Parents and children are stripped of their fundamental right to choose because of our archaic education system.  An education system that determines a child’s entire future based on the last five numbers of your address.  A zip code determines the quality of education almost each and every child in our country receives.  It is time to let parents decide what is best for their children and not the government.

It is irresponsible to continue to sentence children to failure.  To purposefully send children into schools with sub-50% graduation rates, and to schools where the most expensive piece of equipment in the building is a metal detector.

Government is cold and adherent to processes which no longer make sense for parents and children.  The reform that will bring about the most innovation and improvement in our school system is the free market.  Our country is the economic superpower of this planet because of the invisible hand, and free market capitalism has improved every single market it has ever been a part of.  Let us unleash free market principles on our stagnant education system.

When the idea of student vouchers is discussed we often hear that the biggest concern is what will become of the substandard schools when students and parents are given the freedom to choose whatever school best suits their needs.  As if the priority of education should be the school system and not the children.  I, for one, think we should be prioritizing our children’s future over schools that have been failing our communities for decades.

I have never met a parent who didn’t want their children to succeed in the best possible circumstance, and it is in this fact that I place all of my hope for the future of our education system.