Abortion Expansion Dies In New York

The last week of the New York State Legislature is a flurry of activity as hundreds of bills are passed each day with marathon days starting at 9 or 10 a.m. until the early hours of the morning.  This week was dominated in the headlines by the governor’s ten plank “Women’s Equality Agenda” a program that featured a radical abortion expansion provision as the tenth plank.

New York had 110,000 abortions performed last year and New York City has an abortion rate of 41%.

Nine of the ten planks were largely uncontroversial and had bipartisan support in both houses.  However, Governor Cuomo demanded that all ten pass or none, and stood steadfast against the piecemeal approach.   In the Assembly debate was heated regarding the abortion expansion provision and the omnibus bill.  One assemblyman, David DiPietro (R-East Aurora) was moved to tears during his defense of his pro-life views.  Describing the abortion process if graphic detail alongside the development of the infant in the womb.  The 11-minute speech moved the chamber to silence as the assemblyman worked in his religious beliefs, scientific facts, and quotes from Jane Roe herself.

The Senate went down a very interesting road when taking up the planks individually.  The abortion expansion plank was introduced a hostile amendment to a bill being debated on the floor.  However, a procedural quirk in the New York Senate allowed the Senators to vote to hear and debate the amendment.  32 Senators including Democrat Ruben Diaz voted down the amendment.  The abortion expansion plank was not brought to the floor for a debate.

When the pro-life community bands together and presents a united front we win even in New York.  A bastion of everything the progressive agenda stands for.  High taxes and a poisonous business climate paired with abortion on-demand.  When the argument is framed in manner where we don’t put our feet in our mouths we are still on the right side of the argument.  We win this fight every single time it’s presented.  Now more than ever we need to push back against those who seek to expand the abortion epidemic in our country.

The legislative session ended late Friday night with the passage of nine of the ten planks in the Senate and the Assembly and Governor Cuomo refusing to yield on the abortion statute.  Instead of getting 90% of what he wanted in a bipartisan fashion, like a child he wanted all-or-nothing.  He wanted it done and done his way.  It is because of this that the Women’s Equality Act did not pass.

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