Why Trump Supporters are seen as a cult

Perdue for Senate

So this will be short.  Had a conversation with my brother who is a Rachel Maddow Chris Cillizza love child.  Obviously we talked about Trump:

I said I voted for Trump for his tough stance on China.  He, of course, said he supported a tough stance on China but Trump wasn’t doing it right and that he screwed over all those farmers.  i pointed out that all those farmers voted for Trump, and he retorted its only because he bailed them out.  Not sure the point of that comment since liberals love bailouts, and I pointed out the sky-high soybean prices.  but no, Trump is terrible to the farmers.

Then I mentioned NAFTA and how the working class got screwed over by it, and he replied Trump’s replacement wasn’t any better.  I said I didn’t care, even if all he did was change the font, after listening to people lie about NAFTA and its effects for 30 years, at least he did something.  And again he replied that Trump was lying to and misleading the working class.

And, it hit me this morning.  Liberals think they know what’s best for farmers, the working class, you name it.  And when those people make decisions for themselves, and its not the liberal position, well their brains just can’t handle it.  Stupid farmers must be in a cult to not appreciate liberal coastal elite dictates.  Same thing with the working class.  You must be in a cult if you aren’t listening to me…  That pretty much sums it up.


BTW – what is with the new liberal talking point that they were always for travel bans, and lobbied unsuccessfully for stronger travel bans right out of the gate?  insane revisionistic history!

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