Release the Intelligence Briefs. NOW!

Hillary proclaimed, “The Buck Stops with Her.”  She makes this earth-shattering  announcement in…Lima, Peru?  And, from the description of the interview, She is just talking about the security failure, only. She attributes the two to three weeks of lies, to “The Fog of War.”

Every brief that is given to executive-level  types (Presidents, VPs, Senators, Congressmen, Flag officers, etc.) is written down and saved. Just for these types of situations. Someone needs to bring that fact up and demand that sanitized versions of those briefs be released to the public before November 6th.  This is not 1972 and Americans need the truth before they go to the Polls.

I’m old enough to remember Watergate and how the MSM was in full feeding frenzy. It was so bad that even the MSM noted that when Secretariat won the Triple Crown, it was celebrated as a needed break from the constant barrage of stories about Nixon and company. It was the heyday of the MSM. Cronkite was King, The NY Times  and Washington Post set the agenda and Time was the last word for that week’s news.

Fast forward 37 years, and desiccated remains of the MSM now lay gasping on the floor, wholly dependent and in thrall of the Democrat party Thugocracy, a willing partner in covering up unethical and dishonest behavior at the highest levels of our government. Just ask yourself, how long would it have taken the Alphabet networks and the NY Times to launch an all-out war if Bush had been caught brazenly lying to them?  The sad thing is, most of these so-called reporters actually believe they are not biased. That makes it all the more chilling.

Thanks God for the Internet. 20 years ago, a Democratic administration would have gotten away with this. The fools in the Obama administration think they can bluff their way through this. Hillary Clinton IS NOT Janet Reno and Barack Obama is not Bill Clinton. The microchip, communication satellites and the TCP/IP protocol have changed the way the World gets its intelligence in high-visibility  incidents. Folks in Alabama have at their fingertips more information on current events than the Clinton administration had during the nineties.

This investigation into this cover-up IS NOT going away. It is up to us, Joe and Jane Doe Citizen blogger (and reader!) to make sure this lie does not stand.

Release the Briefs. NOW!