On Drunk Armadillos, Adam C. Smith,The Tampa Bay Times and Florida Senate Race

In Florida, Connie Mack is in an uphill struggle to unseat Senator Bill Nelson. While he has been slowly inching up against Ol’ Bill (last Poll 47-42), most of his progress can be directly tied to Romney’s incredible first debate performance (and possibly the MSM coming to grips with the realization that they’d better start having more realistic poll samples in order to salvage, post November 6, what little reputation they’ll have left)

I am not a real big fan of Connie Mack, indeed, I am quite indifferent towards him personally. He is not my congressman, nor is he really a statewide figure. What he has going for him is the family name and fortune. Nepotism has always been a major sin/flaw in American political culture (See Kennedy clan of Massachusetts, Bush family, etc.), and it can arguably be said that if Connie Mack was named Joe Smith, he would probably be doing something else for a living. But it is what it is. I’m going to vote for Mack so that Mitt Romney might have a more cooperative Senate when needed changes are proposed.

Seventy year old Senator Nelson has been a political animal since he was 30. He knows no other life other than being on the taxpayers’ payroll, like many supposed “public” figures.  He also holds the probable record for most expensive and worthless political junket in human history, his space shuttle ride of 1986.

While Senator Nelson has backed and voted every major spending bill put forth by Obama, for some strange reason, he is regarded as a “Moderate” Democrat. In addition, he has the complete backing and support for what passes for the MSM down here in Florida.

Connie Mack, on the other hand, has a MSM target painted on his back. Much to his credit and to my surprise, Congressman Mack openly told the most prominent and influential political reporter in Florida, Adam C. Smith of the Tampa Bay Times, to go, well, fornicate himself. Here is link to the video where he actually does it. You know, I sort of liked that move.

It’s not like Adam C. Smith tries to hide his political leanings. For example, here’s a screen shot of Adam giving a “Facebook” shout-out to his main man Obama. But don’t worry folks, remember:

Right now, If Connie Mack wants to win, he is going to need hammer Senator Nelson over the Benghazi disaster. Because so many members of the Obama administration have been caught in so many lies about the debacle in Libya, trying to document and organize their sins has become incredibly complex and unwieldy. (If you want just a taste of what has happened, here’s a link to Fox News recent Benghazi Timeline, updated on 10  October- before Biden’s debate performance- and yes, I know the MSM doesn’t consider Fox News as a legitimate news source, but then again, over 50% of the nation doesn’t trust the MSM…)

As I wrote earlier, this is the new gold standard for Presidential malfeasance. Now I don’t mean to brag, but I was once in the Intel game during my naval career. I can say, with approximately 100 confidence, if you gave any junior intelligence analyst access to the TS SCI Comm center at the Defense Intelligence Agency  with a sober Joe Biden as his assistant, he could probably detail exactly what went down at the Benghazi Consulate in 48 hours. (If he had a drunk armadillo as his research aide, it would take him 8 hours.)  Or, one could not reinvent the wheel and merely read the entire transcript of the State Department briefing held when they realized Obama was going to throw them under the bus: READ IT HERE. READ THE WHOLE DAMN THING. Yes, Adam, read this and then try to explain why this isn’t the top issue in the Senate campaign.  It’s about an administration that is profoundly corrupt and inept, a Florida Senator who is providing active cover for them by trying to avoid the subject and a press who cannot bring themselves to do their job against a President who has abused his office because they see themselves as part of his “team”.

I think it is has been established beyond any reasonable doubt, that the administration has been actively covering up this failure of security and intelligence from Day 1. It’s time to put Senator Nelson on the spot. He is a member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, so he has absolute access to the most secret and accurate intelligence traffic in the nation. HE KNOWS THE TRUTH. Time to make him come clean. All Connie Mack has to do is insist that the Florida Press, specifically Adam C. Smith, ask the Senator point blank: Is the Obama Administration lying about what they knew and when they knew it?

It will then be time for the Senator make a decision. Does he stand on the side of truth or the side of Obama?  If he chooses Obama, then it is the moral duty of Adam Smith and his peers to expose the Senator for the political hack he is. And Adam, if you are reading this, this is MUCH more important than who bought a suit for Connie Mack.

But who am I kidding? If the NY Times,  Network News and the vast majority of the MSM have decided it’s better to give Obama cover for his ineptitude, do you really think Adam C. Smith and the rest of the Florida Press have the integrity to do their constitutionally protected duty, regardless of where their political sympathies lie?



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