Why Rubio Won’t Get The GOP VP Nod

It’s really simple. Former Republican Party Of Florida Chairman Jim Greer is going on trial at the end of July, just in time for the GOP convention in Tampa this August.  For a taste of what’s in store for this very anticipated trial (By the Florida MSM and Florida Democratic Party), here’s a link to Jim Greer throwing the gay card at his former patron, Charlie Crist.

Jim Greer is literally fighting for his freedom.  He was Charlie Crist’s hand-picked Party Chairman. The result of Charlie Crist getting his way with Greer’s election to RPOF chairman was a massive misuse and waste of RPOF funds.  During his tenure, The Republican Elite of Florida treated the money as their own personal slush funds. Here’s a link to just one of many Posts I wrote about this prior to the 2010 election.

Unfortunately, for Rubio, he was a major player during Charlie Crist’s and Jim Greer’s “alleged” crime spree. Rubio was Speaker of the Florida House and was also accused of using RPOF funds as his personal piggy bank.

Bottom Line: If Rubio DOES NOT get the VP nod, then this trial and all the sleaze (a lot of it that will sadly prove true for the RPOF) will be, at best, an item of interest for the Florida MSM/Democratic Party and connoisseurs of all things political in Tallahassee (I’m talking to you, Adam Smith).  If Rubio DOES get the VP nod, then this sordid tale of political corruption and greed that borders on the bizarre will blow up into a full blown NATIONAL story, eagerly flamed to a boiling point by a MSM desperate to keep Obama in power. (Accusations of Charlie Crist trying to seduce a butt ugly Jim Greer and allegations of funds going to pay off Crist’s male lovers are just the tip of the iceberg).

Romney has just announced Rubio is being vetted for VP (to put the ABC story to rest).  If there is one thing that Mitt Romney has proven since he nailed down the GOP nomination is that he is focused like the proverbial laser beam on beating Obama in November. This story of Rubio was getting in the way…hence a simple statement by Romney to put it to rest within a single news cycle. (Brilliant).

This GOP moderate has proven (so far) to be capable of hardball, take no prisoners politics and will not choose as his running mate ANYONE who will detract from this task. If he chooses Rubio, then the “L’affaire Greer”  (GOP Sleaze and Sex on Trial!, New Revelations on Rubio!) will be splashed 24/7 on the news channels, MSM and the DNC.  If there is one thing that I have come to appreciate about Mitt Romney, is that he will not tolerate his campaign getting pushed off message.  If Rubio gets the nod, the news will NOT be about Romney’s quest to beat Obama, but WILL BE about asking if Marco Rubio broke the law with his possible mishandling of RPOF funds and an ongoing trial about admitted Republican Party sleaze, with allegations of Gay sex, payoffs and hookers in the Caribbean (just for starters) that will rival any twitter pictures of Anthony Wiener’s schlong.

Would it be hypocritical of the Obama campaign and MSM making a big deal out of this considering the history of “Turbo Tax Timmy”?  Yes…and your point is?

Finally, I am waiting for Charlie Crist to sue Jim Greer for libel.  I mean, Liberace did it and won!!  Of course, Mr. Liberace later died of AIDS, no doubt due to err….ughh…. let’s just say, “an unfortunate accident with a candelabra” and leave it at that….


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