No Time For Tongue-Tied, Narcissist, Cliché Speaking, One-Armed Quarterbacks

Our Nation is in crisis.  We are facing a “Tsunami of Debt”, an increasingly radicalized Middle East and in China, a rising  giant whose façade of rapid industrialization masks the massive fault lines between those with money and those who pay in sweat and blood the costs of this incredibly unstable oligarchy.

For the apparently increasing majority of people who are convinced that Obama is in way over his head, the only real alternative we will have to replace him will be the GOP Nominee. Period.  There is no other choice.  A third-party candidate cannot win.

That means we registered Republicans had better a) Nominate a man who can win and b) Hope the man is going to be equal to the task.  The United States of America is going to have to re-invent itself or flounder into an economic malaise that will eventually provide fuel to the most radical elements of the totalitarian left and right. We need to make sure the man we elect is equal to the task.

Mitt Romney is the official “Next-in-Line” GOP heir. He has, with brutal efficiency, managed to front load the GOP primary season so that whomever wins most of the votes in the first 45 days of 2012, is the odds-on favorite to take on Obama.  He was aided in this “Front Loading” by Rick Perry’s Florida operatives, who were apparently under the mistaken impression that their man was capable of speaking English in a cogent manner. Make no mistake, The Florida GOP politicians quickly declared for Romney or Perry, and then they joined together to push the Florida Primary forward, under the very correct assumption that it would ensure that the front-runner in January will be the winner of the GOP Prize. It was a gamble that Mitt won and Perry lost. Big time.

Perry has proven himself to be an inept speaker. Bachmann has justly faded into obscurity, a victim of her own clichés and the fact she has no executive experience. Santorum is running for President because he was once a senator, and he has nothing else to do that he thinks is worthy of his out-sized and self-centered political ego.

Huntsman is also running for no apparent reason. His naiveté  when it comes to China is truly disturbing. I can only explain it as “Stockholm Syndrome” or he is being blackmailed by the Chinese Politburo. In any event, we cannot elect a man so subservient to the needs of the Chinese economy.

Ron Paul is a dangerous kook when it comes to foreign policy and his rabid supporters even more so.

As for Herman Cain, I present the YouTube clip of his total lack of knowledge on the subject of the “Right of Return” as espoused by the Palestinians. Skip to the 10:12 mark.

It’s Sunday, so let’s put it in NFL football terms. If you’re looking to draft a quarterback for your team, you must insist the guy you draft is physically qualified. So, you have a list of basic requirements your quarterback must meet. First of these is that whomever you draft must have both his legs and arms. If he is missing one or more of his legs/arms, you can safely assume the guy is not qualified to play quarterback.

Going on national TV as a Presidential candidate, and then demonstrating a total lack of knowledge on one the premier foreign policy issues of the 20th and 21st century pretty much the equivalent of trying to claim you are qualified to be a NFL Quarterback, even though you are missing an arm and a leg. (I, of course, exclude my beloved Washington Redskins from this analogy, as an one-armed QB might be an improvement…but I digress).

Bottom Line: Herman Cain is not qualified to be President.

That leaves Newt. Here was my opinion of Newt back in 2009. Not very pretty. However, we live in dangerous times that require truly “Outside-the-Box” thinking. Newt, for all his personal and political faults, is capable of innovative solutions to what ails our nation. His command of the English language and his ability to communicate ideas is without peer in the world of Republican politics.

Newt’s flawless performance in the GOP debates to date proves that there is still a segment of the American Public that will respond positively to passionate, and I emphasize this, informed rhetoric.

Whether Newt’s rising in the polls is too little too late, we shall see. Unfortunately, we will probably know by the time Florida votes in February. Mitt might not have rhetorical chops of Newt, but Newt doesn’t have the discipline and organizational chops of Mitt. (In the marathon that is US Presidential politics, organization beats rhetoric 9 times out of 10. Let’s hope that if Mitt wins the nomination, he hires Newt as his debate coach.)

Whomever we republicans nominate to take on Obama, let us hope he can win and then let us hope he can rise to the challenge of re-inventing the American Dream.

Finally, I leave you with two recordings of Edward R. Murrow. The first is his description of Chamberlain’s fall from power in May of 1940. The second is his assessment of Chamberlain’s successor, Winston Churchill. I’ll leave to you to draw your own conclusions as to how it relates to today.

Living dangerously, indeed.


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