On "Colonel" Mike McCalister, Communists and The Hazards of Reproduction

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It turns out that the good Colonel’s former campaign manager (who plays an integral part in my first two posts) has decided to re-enter the political arena and has sent out a campaign letter on behalf of his former candidate. Here is a link to the full letter. It is quite long, but to true Connoisseurs of Florida Panhandle Politics, well worth the read. Here is a short excerpt of this truly remarkable political “cri de coeur”:

…..Most of the people trying to hurt the Colonel are Hasner supporters. In fact one critic stated he trashed the Colonel (and me) in a blog then gave Hasner $100.00 donation. I was even called the bastard son of the grim reaper by a so called retired Naval Officer. Get real. My parents were married. What a sorry excuse for a Naval Officer to call a retired Senior Chief names lol. Thank God his ass is retired and not in charge of anything.

Let me tell you something folks, these liberal left wing communist, ass kissing Obama brown nose reporters at the Tampa Tribune and the Saint Petersburg Times and the like are scared of Colonel McCalister. They fear that he has the ability to toss Senator Nelson out on his ear and start returning this nation back to a Republic form of government. This is the plan ladies and gentleman. Take a look at the alternatives who are running. Tree hugging RINO’s or a Communist named Nelson who supported Obama Care…..

Geoff Ross
Senior Chief Petty Officer USN (Ret.)
Signing off from the Bunker
Latitude: 30-22’46” N
Longitude: 086-51’44” W

First Geoff, and let me make this perfectly clear, I never said you were the actual “bastard son of the grim reaper”.  My exact words were you “gave the impression of being the bastard son of the ‘Grim Reaper’”.  In addition, I never meant to imply that your parents were not married when you were born.  However, I cannot help but observe that procreation between even the most upstanding of Homo Sapiens is, at best, a crap shoot.

As for your descriptions of the staff of the Tampa Tribune and St. Pete Times, I assume it also applies to the Staff of the Miami Herald.  All I can add is that thank God there are no Right Wing Communists on the staffs of these fine newspapers.

For all my readers, please feel free to judge the merits of a candidate by the people he surrounds himself with.

Finally, Geoff, a word of caution. One of the key features one wants in one’s “Bunker” is that it’s location remains secret so that when the Left and Right Wing Communists take over the nation, they can’t find you.

Your Pal,