Of Popinjays and “Colonel” Mike McCalister

After a surprisingly strong showing In the 2010 GOP Primary for Florida Governor, followed by a surprising strong ranking in local polls for the GOP Florida U.S. Senate nomination up for grabs in 2012, “Colonel” Mike McCalister has come crashing down to earth, because he was living (and spewing) a lie.

Here is the brutal takedown by Marc Caputo published in the Miami Herald on 26 August. Part of McCalister’s  stump speech was about he had been the “go to” man for testifying in front of Congress for USSOCOM and that he was involved in black ops that , darn it, he just couldn’t tell details about because they were so highly classified (I have firsthand knowledge of his speech…I witnessed it back in March at Fort Walton Beach.)  It turns out he not did not testify before  Congress and the General Officers who did don’t even remember this popinjay being there during the period McCalister was claiming he was setting Congress straight on matters of great importance.

From what we know now, It can be argued that the potted plants scattered around the room where Congress took testimony had more impact on the discussions that Mike McCalister did.

You can read my reaction to his stump speech harangue (back in March) here and here.  Also, here is the infamous “I gotta go to the Bathroom” video Marc Caputo took after the recent GOP  Florida Senate Debate.  (Hat tip:  Sunshine State Sarah.)

From McCalister’s  wearing of the uniform for political gain, to his flagrant and incredibly irresponsible lies he has made in his innumerable stump speeches, to his unbelievingly stupid denial of making these false statements despite there being  video of him making these lies, this man has proved himself totally unfit for any job that involves the public trust or tax dollars.

My opinion in a nutshell back in March was that this guy was a Bull***t artist.  My opinion since then has changed.  In my opinion, he is not only a Bull***t artist, he is also an insult to the uniform he used to wear.

What Mike McCalister has been caught doing is one of the biggest sins a retired military person can do:  Lie about his record for political gain.  He owes every person who wore the uniform of this nation an apology, especially those men and women in the Reserves and National Guard.  Make no mistake, we could not have fought this 10 year war on terror without our reserves.  They have died on the field of battle, have had their bodies shattered, their souls seared and their families have endured the massive stress and havoc that occurs by having loved ones placed in harm’s way.

For example, there is a young man who works for me and is in the Air Force Reserve.  He has a wife and three young children.  In the last three years he has been to “the Sandbox” four times.  He is a gunship navigator.  He has lost count the number of times he has been shot at.  He is just one of many.

This man is a warrior.  Mike McCalister is not.  He is a total and complete fraud.

I cannot prevent this jerk from running for the Senate.  Any U.S. Citizen over the age of 30 has that right.  What I can do is ask all GOP organizations in Florida shun this bastard.  Do not invite him to your meetings, do not invite him to your rallies, do not invite him to your formal debates and events.  Above all, now that we know the truth about this man, do not come to his aid.

For George LeMieux: What you need to do is withdraw your defense of this oaf.  You and your huge staff didn’t do your homework on this man.  This act does not inspire confidence about your management and decision skills. (Truth In Advertising:  I support and gave 100 smackers to the Hasner Campaign. He will get a lot more if I hit the lottery.)

For all the different flavors of Tea Parties that exist in Florida.  You need to make Mike McCalister “Persona-Non-Grata”  at all your events.

To Marc Caputo, Adam Smith and all your team members and staff at the St. Pete Times and Miami Herald: you did your job…very well.  Credit where credit is due. (Just remember, I called it in March!)

Finally, to the RPOF: Are you going to stand up to this fraud or are you going to roll over and play dead?