Example #1: Why We Need To Reform Our Taxpayer Supported Universities

A childhood friend of mine recently posted on his Facebook page his thoughts on Koch funded Scholarships and University Chairs at Florida State.  Chris is upset about this.  He is left of center in his political views.  I tweaked Chris (Whose two Front Teeth were bought and paid for by my Parents — I slung the bat when I hit the ball and Chris was catching..sans Mask…) with this link and post: Pot: Meet Kettle.  What followed was a tongue lashing by one Mr. John Woodward, PhD, European Cinema, FSU, class of 2009:

Mr. White, firstly this list, that I can see, has no universities or programs at public universities; secondly, while many of these organizations do offer funding in the form of scholarships etc to public universities, at no point does Soro…s himself make sure that the people using the money are doing so in research that follows a specific ideology that is skewed, bewilderingly ideological, narrow-minded and communistic in its approach to eradicating dissent in favor of a single party (GOP); thirdly, calling something like Pro Publica bad simply because it criticizes government is purely totalitarian, and reducing the Institute for Policy Studies to an organization that ‘has long supported Communist and anti-American causes’ is false, ridiculous, puerile and simply laughable. This is more of a case of the apple calling the kettle black, round, steely and outdated.

I responded (misspellings corrected –Damn Dyslexia)

Mr. Woodward…thinking Mr. Koch’s funding of scholarships somehow makes up for all the indirect and direct funding (including my taxes)of left wing loons that inhabit our education system is what is laughable. I assure you the increasingly out of touch (and now openly advocating violence: http://bit.ly/ladVQ1) academics that lurk under the guise of “free Speech” are soon to have an economic reality check that will essentially reduce them to digging ditches. I remember a college professor calling me a Nazi once for daring to point out that Chairman Mao was a mass murderer. Secondly, there comes a time when we, as taxpayers, stop funding the study and granting PH D.s to truly ridiculous studies such as European Cinema… My Tax dollars at work no doubt…(I’ll call your French and German and raise it with Mandarin and Japanese) Please tell me, for what purpose does one major in European Cinema and why should my tax dollars go towards funding such a truly unimpressive and silly field of study? Next thing you know my taxes will towards the funding the Turner Classic Movies Chair at Florida State… Sooner than later we as society will come to the conclusion that we cannot fund and support with our tax dollars such educational follies… Try again…

Mr. Woodward did “Try Again”

Well, only someone truly unversed in anything resembling a public university, i.e. someone uneducated or willfully ignorant, could possible misunderstand the funding sources involved in education at a public university. Since, in your no do…ubt glorious wisdom you know that Japan funds public education as does China and both economies compete quite readily with our own, you must know that public education has significant economic value. My education was paid largely out of my pocket as 1) a laborer, and 2) increasing my future debt. The funds from the state go into paying salaries of professors who teach students how to think clearly and cogently, how to research, how to formulate informed opinions. Assuming that every university professor must necessarily be a communist is just the same as assuming every person named ‘White’ must be a fascist. That is simply untrue. And yet there are plenty of people named White who are or were fascists. Does that mean that every person named ‘White’ is a fascist? A ridiculous premise, I am sure you agree. Assuming that it is somehow ‘un-American’ to criticize American policy, politics, religions, government and so forth is to secretly desire to live in a police state along the lines of Mao’s or Pinochet’s. Those are the ones who suppress free speech and free expression and jail anyone who dissents. I’m sure, being a good American and believing in the principles of the Founding Fathers, you yourself would never care to live in China or 1980s Chile. Truly, I have found anecdotally that only the uneducated feel that education is pointless. But, then again, the right-wing in America is particularly enamored with sheep-like citizens at the moment. So, maybe it is the year of the dolt.

Now I direct everyone to go to Mr. Woodward’s Facebook page, where he openly and proudly says that he is “Chief Spy of the KGB“.  If Mr. Woodward has changed it since reading this post, here is a screen capture.

I know, I know..he is just being left wing “cool”…Because, he is young and truly ignorant of how truly evil the KGB was. As ANYONE with a passing knowledge of 20th Century history can tell you, when you talk of organizations who used murder, torture and unspeakable acts of horror on their fellow human beings, the KGB ranks right up there with the Gestapo. The walls and floors of Lubyanka prison are slick with the blood of our fellow man… And this profoundly silly man thinks it’s “cool” to identify with them

(I’ll be honest, I went after him to begin with because a) My tax dollars went towards his getting a Ph.D in “European Cinema” and two, only a truly STUPID PERSON would cheerfully identify with one of the most horrific state sanctioned murder machines in mankind’s history.)

Imagine the grief a conservative would get if he claimed to be “Chief Gestapo Torturer” or “Imperial Wizard of the KKK”..in jest…Do you think the Left would allow tax dollars go towards his education or, even worse, his employment? I think not.

That’s why I am personally sending this post to my State Rep, My State Senator and asking them, point blank, will they EVER allow this cretin to make his living on our Tax dollars again?  If he is currently employed by the State, I want it terminated.  If a private college wants to waste their funds on this fool, so be it, but not one of our tax dollars should go to this man again.

Free Speech does not mean “Carte Blanche” to be immune from truly stupid sentiments or writings.  I would not want my child to be exposed to a person who claims, even in jest, a member or leader of the German Gestapo OR the KGB. There are lines that one doesn’t cross.  Mr Woodward is free to claim to be sympathetic to the organization that gave the world Lavrentiy Beria.  However, I am free, indeed obligated, that my and my fellow citizens never again go towards supporting such  a) Horrible Human Being or b) Profoundly Stupid member of academia.

I suspect Mr. Woodward is not truly horrible…just profoundly stupid.  Either way, enough of my tax dollars have gone towards his education and I openly question why my tax dollars are being used to grant Ph.D’s in “European Cinema” by Florida State University.  We, as a country and a state, simply cannot afford spending on such trite and trivial degrees.

I am also going to send this to State Senator Haridopolis, Former Senator George LeMieux and Former majority Leader Adam Hasner and ask them if they support spending of our tax dollars to support people getting degree’s in “European Cinema” from our State Colleges. Specifically I will also ask them if they support the concept of  making sure that our taxpayer funded schools don’t employ personnel openly and cheerfully identify with an organization that has the blood of millions on their hands.

Have a Nice Day “Dr” Woodward….