Adam Hasner for U.S. Senator from Florida

In 2010, the Florida Republicans struck one of the most compelling counter blows to the election of Barack Obama to President in 2008.  The rank and file openly revolted against the embedded Republican party elite and held a sitting REPUBLICAN Governor and his cohorts to account for their support for the economic mismanagement of Team Obama. The result was the meteoric rise and triumph of Marco Rubio.  With his election, Floridians put the political class on notice: We will no longer suffer fools gladly.

In 2012, Florida can hammer this point home, again, by electing Adam Hasner to replace Bill Nelson as Senator from Florida.  This post is about why this must happen.

First, the bad news.  No matter how much we want to reverse the orgy of excess of the Obama administration, there is a limit on how much can be done between now and January of 2013. I can understand the frustration of the Republican base, tea party members and everyone who helped depose Pelosi and the Democrats in 2010. However the founding fathers devised the system of checks and balances in our system and, unlike any country before, put the ground rules of political mechanics and structure in writing.  If you believe in the Constitution of the United States (as I do), then you must be willing to abide by the concepts of checks and balances and separation of powers that exist in our American Civil Society. D’em da rules, folks.

So any of you who think that the House alone can completely reverse the left wing policies of Democrats and Obama, then you are simply not being realistic.  Yes, the House can play hardball and force a shutdown, or selectively fund the government using the established budget process, but you will have the Senate and the White House fighting them the whole way.  At best, you can expect a stalemate or a compromise that reverses some of the spending excesses, but really not enough to avert the inevitable inflation caused by the Federal Reserve monetizing the debt or the eventual bankrupting of the Nation due to lack of meaningful entitlement reform. We can only hope that there is no catastrophic depression or economic collapse before we can elect a fiscally sane Congress and President in 2012.

(This is the best case scenario folks, I don’t know about you, but I feel times now seem just like 2007: a soaring stock market, housing prices tanking and rapidly rising fuel prices which overnight turns into a financial crisis of the first order. The difference is the Fed and the Government have no more economic arrows in its quiver to paper over this disaster)

If we are going to fix this mess, we are going to have to first elect a Republican as President and make sure he has at his disposal huge Republican majorities in both the Senate and the House in 2013. If history is any judge, the new President will have at best only a couple years to make serious structural change to the policies of Roosevelt and Johnson that have led us down this insane, unsustainable economic path.

Look at the Presidencies of FDR and LBJ.  These two men made fundamental changes to the role of the federal government in our lives and, for all intents and purposes, they made it in the first two years of their Presidency.  Then the backlash began and the natural state of compromise that our founding fathers envisioned our government to be in reasserted itself. So it will be with the newly elected Republican President in 2013 (if we elect one, that is).

That is why Florida must replace Senator Bill Nelson with a Republican who is not afraid to stand up to and challenge status quo and do it immediately upon taking office.  The ONLY Republican that can beat Bill Nelson is Adam Hasner.  Both Mike Haridopolos and George LeMieux are too ethically challenged to take on Nelson.  Bill Nelson, aided and abetted by the huge amount of money Team Obama is going to pour into Florida, will reveal these two men for what they truly are: One is a political opportunist who has made his living ripping off the Florida taxpayer and the other is a political parasite who owes his political existence to a totally discredited politician who committed one of the most spectacular self-inflicted political implosions in modern American politics.

There are many issues on which Adam Hasner and I disagree.  He is Pro-life. I say it’s the woman’s choice, but don’t ask for my tax dollars to fund her birth control method of final resort.  He is for marriage only between a man and woman.  I say you are what nature made you and the government has no business telling you who you can marry. The list could probably go on.  But on the two key issues of our time: The reform of the entitlement culture that has been in place since 1933 and the clash between western civilization and the truly abhorrent culture of death and intolerance that infuses the Muslim world, there is no daylight between us.

Adam Hasner, unlike Haridopolos and LeMieux, CAN beat Bill Nelson.  Adam Hasner, once seated in the Senate will not hesitate to take on the needed reforms of how we as a nation collect and spend tax dollars. He was and is a consistent social and fiscal conservative in that most liberal bastion of areas, Palm Beach!

I’ve talked to the man and he understands that the Muslim Fascists pose an existential threat to our American way of life and knows that the quickest way to defang the Muslim world is to bankrupt it through true American energy independence.

Bill Nelson, despite his support of the Obama agenda, is a serious man.  Neither Mike Haridopolos or George LeMieux have the intellectual firepower or ethical backbone to take on Nelson.  I will tell you now, if the GOP nominates either one of these men, not only will Bill Nelson get re-elected, we will also make it easier for Obama to carry Florida, AGAIN.  It’s real hard to go after Nelson about the ethical and economic crimes of the Obama Administration when you have been caught ripping off the public with a shady book deal or abusing RPOF funds and/or supporting Charlie Crist until the day he decided to go rogue.

So, for the sake of the country and for the good of the Republican Party both in Florida and nationally, we Florida Republicans had better make sure we can vote for Adam Hasner in November 2012.

We need to support Mr. Hasner with our  money and our vote.  For those of you who do not live in Florida…I ask you also to donate to Mr. Hasner.  Doing so not only goes toward having a Republican majority in the Senate in 2013, it also goes toward keeping Barack Obama from winning in Florida.

I can guarantee you that if Adam Hasner beats Bill Nelson, then Obama will also lose in Florida, regardless of who the Republican presidential nominee is.   And remember, if Obama loses Florida, he loses the election. That’s why the Florida senatorial race is probably the most important U.S. Senate race in 2012.  That is why Adam Hasner MUST be our party’s nominee.

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