The Budget Deal: Adam Hasner Sums it Up…

Folks, If you are upset about the budget deal, blame “The Founding Fathers”. Checks and balances.  Civics 101.  Majorities and minorities switch back and forth and the writers of the Constitution knew this and made provisions expressly to protect the minority.  Our System, like it or not, forces compromise.  With a divided government, you really have no choice but to “meet in the middle”.

Make no mistake.  I am defense contractor who works on a military base.  I am retired Navy.  This past Friday, I attended the conference that was given by the CO of the Command I work at and it was made clear to all Military members that pay would be impacted (i.e., After next week, the military would work without regular paychecks).  He had already assembled a list of places (primarily for the enlisted) to go to for emergency loans and said for ANYONE who was put in dire straits (financially)  to personally come to him and he would take action.

If this shutdown would have happened over what is, percentage wise, a trivial part of the budget, rest assured the MSM would have made service members in financial trouble front page news 24/7 (and yes, we have junior married enlisted that already have to use food stamps on a regular basis…this is a disgrace, but a true statement). Folks would blame Republicans as much as Democrats.  The President, with a sympathetic MSM (Make no mistake that’s where most Americans get their news) would be falling over themselves to make him “Horatio at the Bridge“.

The political war for our Nation’s future officially started Friday night.  The first skirmish will be raising the debt ceiling.  The first major engagement will be the “Battle of the Budget” For 2012.  The turning point in the War will come November 2012 and that means holding the House and winning the Senate and Presidency for the Republicans.  Then, and only then, will we make the much needed radical policy changes this nation must adopt.

I am following the Florida 2012 Senate race and so far, the best response I have read was written by Adam Hasner.  He and I don’t see eye to eye on social issues (I was a Westpac Sailor and personally arranged one of the most memorable 0-3 “Wetting Down” (promotion) parties in U.S. Naval History at the “Caligula Club” in Pattaya Beach, Thailand…nuff said..) but he put on his Facebook page a post that truly expresses what I feel and does it much more eloquently than I can:


But make no mistake; these cuts are nowhere near what’s needed to save our country.

Republicans and Democrats have agreed to cut around $38 billion, which when added to cuts made earlier this year amount to about 2% of our $1.5 trillion budget. Our country will borrow more money than was cut today in just the next nine days. Our government will continue to waste money on the pet projects of the left, like Planned Parenthood and National Public Radio. We’ll also continue to fund costly job-killing programs like Obamacare and over-reaching EPA mandates.

And the real, tough, leadership decisions needed to cut spending, balance the budget, and attack the debt, have been kicked down the road yet again.

This is no time for a victory lap by either party.

The fact of the matter is that there is more work to be done. Democrats have shown that they do not take our financial crisis seriously. President Obama has proven that he has no interest in showing leadership on the biggest issues facing our country.  And too many Republicans still don’t understand that if we can’t stand on principle to make the small cuts, we’ll never build the credibility needed to convince Americans of the real spending cuts that are desperately needed. The only thing outpacing the growth of our fiscal deficit is the leadership deficit in Washington.

The outcome of this week’s debate, and the preview it has given us of the coming debate over the debt limit and next year’s budget, makes it clear that our current Congress does not have what it takes to confront our country’s challenges. So long as Democrats still control the Senate, true fiscal reforms will never be possible.

That’s what makes this election perhaps the most important of our generation.


Stone Cold Truth.

Click here to see Hasner’s complete post on his Facebook page.