For Sale: One U.S. Senate Candidate

Florida Senate President, Senator Mike Haridopolos (R-Glomming His Living From The Florida Taxpayers Since He Was 23 Years Old) has, as almost everyone knows, set his sights on getting elected U.S. Senator in 2012.

Now, in a earlier post, I took note of his really shady book deal that netted him 152 grand. Mike dismissed this scandal as being ” 3-year-old or 4-year-old story“.  Well, I beg to differ.  When Mike or his campaign put the book on sale as an eBook on Amazon on 27 February 2011 (See here), he tore open that old wound whose scars, he thought, were fading from the public mind.  (Note: He even got a review from Brevard Community College professor, David Bradford.  I’m sure it is PURE coincidence that Senator Haridopolos started his academic and political career from the same Brevard Community College. /s off)

Now folks, remember he got a 152 THOUSAND dollars for a book that had only one copy printed and then had it made available for reading as a Ebook on February 27, 2011 and only on Amazon! What’s a matter Mike? Is your Staff too lazy to upload it to Barnes and Noble, or even better, Smashwords, where you can upload your masterpiece and have it distributed to all the various E-readers, including Apple IPods, IPads and Sony eReaders?  The only reason I am bring this up is to prove to the average American that, thanks to the Internet, you can write anything you want and, as long as it isn’t obscene, you can have it published and made available on all the E-readers in this great nation of ours.

My question now (and it is directed more at the MSM including Adam Smith and Marc Caputo of the St. Pete Times)…Have we got a “Jim Wright” scandal/scenario on our hands?  Does Haridopolos get to keep the profits from the eBook (which is approximately $7.00 per download) and if so, should he open up the sales record to see if we have people who are perhaps using this eBook as a vehicle to funnel funds to the good Senator on the side?  Or is the State of Florida the recipient of the profits since they “paid” the Senator upfront for his “Scholarly Tome”?

Either way, the public needs (and has a right) to see what is going on and who paid for what with regards to the Haridopolos work that is now for sale on Amazon as an eBook.  With the ability of anyone, including elected officials, to put anything they wrote (even a short story) on sale and set the price of the work..well you can see how someone can buy off a Senator or Congressman…legally.

To Adam Smith and Marc Caputo: I’m asking the questions that you should be asking.

Let’s face it, Mike Haridopolos started off his tenure as Senate President getting “admonished” for his failure to fully disclose over a hundred thousand dollars and a $400,000 home on state ethics forms as required by Florida law. (Lucky for Mike, the Republicans who elected him Senate President have complete, absolute control, of the chamber so no fines were levied).

I ask you. Is this the type of man that you can expect to buck the Washington establishment?  Is this a man who can relate to the average guy who sees the his hard earned dollars being spent on such truly offensive projects that netted our “esteemed” and “admonished” Senate President with 152 grand for a piece of academic crap?  Is this guy even remotely qualified, ethically or intellectually, to be a U.S. Senator  from the Great State of Florida?  If he can’t even manage his own finances, what makes you think he can help manage the Nation’s?

The only thing that has been proven is that Mike Haridopolos is your typical slick politician (who supported Charlie Crist over Marco Rubio) who has made a damn good, if scandalous, living off the Florida taxpayer. If he is elected U.S. Senator, I assure you, his sole goal will be to get elected again in six years and not take the hard, necessary choices and votes that might torpedo his chances of re-election in 2018.

Bluntly put, Mike Haridopolos has a documented history of poor judgment, poor management and has basically been on the public payroll since he turned 23.  His entire concept of self-worth is based on what gets him elected, nothing more, nothing less.

My fellow Floridians: We can, and must, do better…

Finally, as proof that anyone can get published in this day and age (without taxpayer money), then read this next sentence and click on the sights provided. I wrote two short stories and have them now for sale: “Two Pulps For A Buck”  on Amazon, B&N and Smashwords (Yes, I am shamelessly plugging my two short stories here, but, unlike Mike’s book, not one penny of your taxes went into its writing).  I’m hoping for a Pulitzer Prize, but I’ll settle for 99 cents per copy downloaded.  (Please leave reviews!)

Also, to the first person who can find what I consider the most glaring mistake (and failure of proof reading) in my second story, Caveman (©2011 by E.R. White, Jr.),  I will personally send that person an autographed copy of my soon to be released to the eBook world, my novel, “Scrambled Hard-Boiled” (ISBN 978-1-257-02615-9).  You can pay 12 bucks for a trade copy from LuLu if you like (also there is a free preview on the LuLu site), but once the hardcopy is listed on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.,  I intend to make it available to the public as an eBook for $2.99.

Also, this is further proof you don’t need to pay a guy 152 grand upfront to write a book and get it published hardcopy.