On "End of The Rainbow" and "Colonel Mike McCalister Has No Clothes!!"

I just received a couple of Emails, from a friend, who is letting me know that the good Colonel’s staff, specifically his campaign manager, Mr. Geoff Ross, is quite upset with my piece on his boss.

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In the emails that I received I am accused of being a “gutless coward” because I’m “anonymous”.  Evidentially, Mr. Ross didn’t go to my site and look under my Bio where my name and where I live are posted. For the record, I am E. Royce White, Jr , I live in Niceville and I’m in the Phonebook.  Just click at the top of my Blog Front page on “BloggyBayou” and the information is all there.  And also for the record, I am a Trusty Shellback!  You need to work on your web skills and data mining techniques, Senior Chief.

Second, I am not a “Hater”.  What I wrote was sarcasm.  Hate is a powerful word.  Islamic Fascists  “Hate” Jews.  I don’t “hate” Colonel McCalister because I only have seen his speech.  I do think he is a buffoon who overstates his reserve duty in order to give the impression that he was a full time Warrior.  But that is not hate…just irritation.

I walked into that meeting in Fort Walton Beach hoping to like the good Colonel (I knew nothing of his background) and what I got was a man bragging about what he had done in the military and what he knows that we don’t.  He did not ONCE say that he was a reservist and he left the opinion that he had been serving on the front lines vice being a glorified paper pusher.  It may fool some people who never served active duty, but I knew better once I read his “Curriculum Vitae” .  It is really poor form to brag about once having a Top Secret clearance and it is silly to make it one of the cornerstones of your campaign stump speech.  As any good intelligence officer will tell you, the most perishable stuff in the world is intelligence.  Most of it has a short shelf life.

What I objected to was that The “Colonel’s” tone was loud, obnoxious and his overall speech was meant to inflame, not inform.  There were no plans presented, there were no detailed solutions proposed. There were, however, many claims the “Colonel” made that he simply could not fulfill as a U.S. Senator.  Now if we were electing someone to be dictator, yes, but not Senator.

Let me be blunt to all my fellow republicans: Bill Nelson will eat McCalister alive if by some miracle McCalister gets to be the GOP Senate candidate.

Now on to Mr. Ross’s personal email to me.  Here the actual text:

Great blog, you helped my campaign considerably.  Keep up the great work. Please keep talking about the Colonel. Its great publicity. Don’t be afraid to post your real name and phone number on your blogs like I do.  My good friend Sean Hannity may have you and Colonel McCalister on his show to debate your thesis on why one veteran would personally attack another.  Maybe you should run for office and really test your metal. (sic) It will be a great story. I used to recruit SWO’s you must have studied hard to get into the Intell community.  Great job.  Thanks for serving our nation.

Geoff Ross
U.S. Navy retired
Campaign Manager Mike McCalister for Senate

Mr Ross also puts on his email name that he is a Desert Strom Vet.  It literally says “Geoff Ross U.S. Navy Retired Desert Storm Vet”.  Most guys I know that have made the transition to civilian life may put their rank after their name, but this is the first time I seen one that specifically mentions being part of a military campaign.

Now here is the letter Geoff sent concerning my blog post (where he calls me a gutless coward by because he couldn’t navigate properly on my Blog):

From: Geoff Ross [mailto:[email protected]] (EDITOR NOTE: Why no Desert Storm ref?)
Sent: Sunday, March 27, 2011 2:23 AM
Subject: Personal attack on Colonel Mike McCalister and his service to our nation by another veteran. Widest dissemination.

Dear Governor Scott,
Mr. Karl Rove,
Mr. Sean Hannity,
Tea Party Patriots across the state of Florida,
All  9/12 groups.
Copy to:
Captain John USN retired.  Admiral Carey and Captain Bell USN retired. Copy to: Lt Colonel Allen West. Copy to Colonel Bud Day Medal of Honor.
I wanted to share with you a blog that is personally attacking Colonel Mike McCalister for his 32 years of military service by another veteran.  (The blogger even compared me to the “bastard son” of the Grim Reaper. “He would be right !” I am that and lot more.  But this is not about me)
Anonymously attacking  another fellow military officer who has served his nation honorably is not what I expect from another former Naval Officer. The blogger is a gutless coward, who won’t put his name and phone number to his diatribe.
This is a blog that delves into the mind of a hater being forwarded around by a Republican REC Chairman XXXXXX of XXXX County. Apparently XXXX has way too much time on his hand and has a keen eye for bad taste lol or is he trying to be an ambassador of good will and charm.
If you want to see how much this former Naval Officer dislikes an Army Colonel this is the blog to read.  Of course the blogger is anonymous so I have no way to check to see if really did serve in the Navy.
The man certainly has a dislike for me too and I am a retired Navy Senior Chief.  I must be doing my job though. It looks to me like he fears the strength of Colonel McCalisters campaign strategy.
So with that said folks, let me share with you what the REC chairman XXXX from XXXX County REC is sharing with his fellow Republicans.  Is XXXX trying to help discredit an Army Colonel by aiding and abetting the blogger ?  Or his he doing his malfeasant anti Ronald Reagan duty aiding in the slamming a fellow Republican,  indirectly ?
Colonel McCalister is working hard to protect this nation as he runs for the US Senate. You be the judge of the blogger and XXXX intent.   The blog link is below.  God Bless America.

Senior Chief Geoff Ross
USN Retired.
Campaign Manager
Colonel Mike McCalister. 850-313-1893

Copy to Sean Hannity
Copy to Karl Rove
Copy to Governor Rick Scott.
Copy to Senator Marco Rubio

For crying out loud, Geoff, you left off the “Copy to The Queen of England“, damnit!  And just to show me how connected and important he is, Geoff also attached pictures of him with Sean Hannity (on the left), Alan Colmes and Marco Rubio!  As for getting me on the Sean Hannity Show, throw me in that briar patch!  However, I want to be on TV and free room/board while I’m in New York.  I’ll take vacation time off from my “Real Job”, but just make sure the Colonel is ready to debate!  I won’t debate you Geoff.  Nope, I only go toe to toe with your boss. Dems da Rules!

By the way, I got pictures too: Below Is my Son Emmett with our dog “Max” on Max’s 10th Birthday!  (Max almost made it to 15, but he went to the “End of The Rainbow” a couple weeks ago.)

As for your assertion as to why another “veteran” would attack another “veteran”, the answer is simple.  You and your boss have made the decision that the keystone of your campaign is the “Colonel’s” past military service.  McCalister leads off with his FORMER rank,  makes a big deal about his FORMER rank and, what I truly object to, is using his FORMER rank as a shield against criticism.  Also, your Boss has been a) a Pharmacy salesman and b) Instructor at mostly middling colleges for most of his life.  His military service is only a minor part of his resume as he has probably spent well over 90-95% of the last 33 years as a civilian.

Now where do you find the rule that a veteran can’t criticize another veteran?  Answer: Nowhere. It’s total BS assertion and a strawmen meant to silence Veterans like me who disagree with your Boss. What I did was call your bluff.  This veteran thinks your veteran is full of hot air.

Like most politicians (sadly) “Colonel” McCalister lacks vision and more importantly, ideas as to how to get us out of the state we, as a nation, find ourselves in.  His stump speech was nothing more than a long diatribe on how he would keep the Muslim hordes at bay and how he would stand up to Obama. Oh, and did I forget to mention he has a Top Secret Clearance and was approved by the President and confirmed by the Senate, unlike the rest of us mere mortals?

You may have some folks hoodwinked, but not me and as anyone who reads my blog knows, I don’t pull punches on anyone.

“Colonel” McCalister decided to put himself in the public eye.  I’m merely shouting to the crowd “THE COLONEL HAS NO CLOTHES!!!!!!”  This comes from someone who has been there and done that and readily admits his career was nothing special.  Just like “Colonel” McCalister’s career.

This is not “Hating” anyone. It’s called “Mocking”. It’s my little way of saying that if truth be told, your man brings nothing to the table to solve the problems of our nation.  He brings only hyperbole and strutting, overweening vanity.  We in Florida can do better.

PS: Max, faithful friend, enjoy the “End of the Rainbow”…You did your job…you kept Emmett safe from everything but Girls….